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Provable API for EOS contracts
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Provable EOS API Join the chat at HitCount MIT Licence


Thanks to this EOS API, enriching your smart-contracts with external data using Provable is very easy!

In C++ it is as simple as including the eos_api.hpp library that you'll find in this repository.

This will provide your contract with functions like oraclize_query(...), which make it trivial for you to leverage our oracle technology straight away.

Simply import Provable into your contract like so:

#include "oraclize/eos_api.hpp"

To learn more about the Provable technology, please refer to our documentation here.



Network Availability

The eos_api.hpp library in currently available on EOS Mainnet, EOS Jungle Testnet and EOS Kylin Testnet.



CDT Compatiiblity

The eos_api.hpp library in this repo is compatible with the EOSIO CDT 1.6.1.

For the Provable EOS API compatible with the CDT 1.4.0, just go to the branch eosio.cdt-1.4.0.



💻 See It In Action!

For working examples of how to integrate the Provable EOS API into your own smart-contracts, head on over to the Provable EOS Examples repository. Here you'll find various examples that use Provable to feed smart-contracts with data from a variety of external sources.



📣 Get In Touch!

If you want to ask us something, or tell us something, there's loads of ways to get in touch:

We have a Twitter

And a Gitter

Or a Website

Plus a Github

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