ATtiny microcontroller support for the Arduino IDE
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Arduino for ATtiny
By Scott Daniels (
Based on Arduino attiny support by David A. Mellis.

This package adds pinout files for most ATtiny variants as well as some board configurations.

Currently supported chips are:

8 pins: ATtiny13 w/modifications to wiring.c - see below
8 pins: ATtiny45/85
14 pins: ATtiny44/84
20 pins: ATtiny87/167 - untested
20 pins: ATtiny2313/4313 - untested
20 pins: ATtiny261/461/861 - untested

cd /path/to/my/sketchbook
mkdir hardware
cd hardware
git clone ./

(Re)Launch the Arduino IDE. Supported chips will be shown in the "Tools->Board" menu.
Choose the appropriate configuration.
Choose the ISP programmer used.
Upload your sketch.

Open in text editor ...sketchbook/hardware/attiny/boards.txt
Find a board configuration to copy or modify; save file. Relaunch ArduinoIDE

IMPORTANT: Change to ArduinoIDE_library/Print.h file:
The Print.h file in the Arduino library contains a #define conflict with certain ATtiny chips
in the AVR library. Open for editing this file:


And change this line from:

#define BIN 2


#define BINARY 2

It may be possible and preferable to copy the Print.h file to the ATtiny hardware directory
instead of changing the default Arduino one.

Using with ATtiny13 series

NOTE: A change must be made to the wiring.c file in the arduino core for this to work correctly. 
The wiring.c file has an error where it does not set the correct TIMER for ATTiny13 only. 
This change will not impact any other boards.

In arduino/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/wiring.c:

  Line 44 should be supplemented with an additional condition for ATtiny13
  #if defined(__AVR_ATtiny24__) || defined(..) ... [Add this] || defined(__AVR_ATtiny13__)

For more info on using the ATtiny13 series, see: