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Important Note & Disclaimer

  • The master branch (you're here) contains the setup code for a local deployment on your machine.
  • The remote branch contains setup code for a remote deployment on different servers; replace IP's and domain names accordingly.
  • The code in this repository is highly experimental. Do not use it for anything security-critical. All usage at your own risk.

Setup (master)

This repository generates all required preliminaries for a successful election for you to run on your localhost. The setup script is divided into multiple substeps, which are

  1. Generate a new PoA genesis block holding a fixed amount of pre-allocated accounts. Further, the corresonding private keys are sent to the Mock Identity provider you should be running on port 8090.
  2. Start a poa-private-net with 5 sealer nodes initializing with the previously generated genesis block. Also, eth-net-intelligence-api and eth-netstats is started to give an overview of the private network.
├── #just deletes genesis.json and privatekeys.json
├── genesis.json # will be overwritten by steps/01-generate-keypairs every time ./setup is run
├── # inits & updates submodules and installs all npm projects
├── logs 
│   └── output.log # tail this
├── node_modules # contains relevant modules for step 01
├── package-lock.json
├── package.json 
├── privatekeys.json  # will be overwritten by steps/01-generate-keypairs every time ./setup is run
├── resources # contains the submodules
│   ├── eth-contracts # smart contract submodule deploying proxy contract
│   └── poa-private-net # submodule containing a PoA 5 node private network
├── # runs steps 01 - 03
├── steps
│   ├── 01-generate-keypairs 
│   ├── 02-start-eth-private-net
└── # mainly tears down the private network & subsequently created / generated files and processes


The following requirements must be installed / executed before invoking

  • As a starter, make sure you have the following things installed: geth, go and npm
  • The backend is running on http://localhost:8080.
  • The frontend is running on http://localhost:3000.
  • The frontend-voter is running on http://localhost:3001.
  • The eth-netstats will run on http://localhost:3002 after ./setup sucessfully finished running.
  • The mock-identity-provider is running on PORT 8090.

Next, run


You may be prompted to enter your password.

Invocation (local)

Invoke the setup script from the root directory:


The most relevant output log can be tailed with tail -f logs/output.log.

Step 1

The parameters for the election can be easily configured by directly editing .envin the project root. NUMBER_OF_KEYS defines the number of private keys that are generated and then distributed to the eligible voters by the mock identity provider. MOCK_IDENTITY_PROVIDER defines a hostname and port for the mock-identity-provider. The rest of .env are parameters (e.g. GENESIS_CONFIG_*) for the genesis block that is generated for the private network. You should only change parameters if you know what you're doing. Else refer to Genesis file explained. Be aware: Puppeth was used to generate the appropriate extradata in genesis.json and is currently hardcoded.

Step 2

The second step starts the private network with 5 pre-configured sealer nodes which are located in resources/poa-private-net/. The main script is an adapted version of eth-private-net by Vincent Chu The nodes are initialized with the previously generated genesis block. Then, the geth nodes are started with the parameters defined in poa-private-net on the RPC ports 8501, 8502, 8503, 8504,8505. If pm2 has been sucessfully installed and npm install & grunt all were sucessful, pm2 is started using provotum.json, pre-defining the 5 nodes. If you want to change anything in the 5 node setup, you need to regenerate the .json accordingly and also use puppeth to generate valid extradata. After that, eth-netstats is started on http://localhost:3002 and should display 5 functioning nodes.

Shutting down

Invoke the teardown script from the root directory:



This repository holds scripts to set up the initial requirements to hold an election with provotum






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