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nem2-sdk for Swift 4

The nem2-sdk for Swift 4, available for mobile applications on iOS, to work with the NEM2 (a.k.a Catapult).


  • iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Swift 4 or higher

Sample Project

Sample project are in Nem2SdkSwiftDemo directory.


Cocoa Pods

Not yet.


  1. Insert github "proximax-storage/nem2-sdk-swift" to your Cartfile.

  2. Run carthage update.

  3. Add "Nem2SdkSwift.framework" to Linked Frameworks and Libraries
    3-1. Select your application project in the Project navigator.
    3-2. Click on the + button under the "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" section in General tab.
    3-3. Select Nem2SwiftSdk.framework in Carthage/Build/iOS

  4. Add Run Script in Build Phases
    Build Phases -> Click "+" -> New Run Script Phase

    • Shell: /bin/sh
    • Script: /usr/local/bin/carthage copy-frameworks
    • Input Files: The following frameworks in Carthage/Build/iOS
      • Alamofire.framework
      • CryptoSwift.framework
      • Nem2SdkSwift.framework
      • RxSwift.framework
      • Starscream.framework


  1. Clone this repository with submodules using "--recursive" switch.

    $ git clone --recursive
  2. Run carthage to download depending libraries.

    $ cd nem2-sdk-swift
    $ carthage update --platform ios
  3. Add Nem2SwiftSdk.xcodeproj to your application project.
    Right click on Navigator in Xcode, select "Add Files to ..." and select Nem2SwiftSdk.xcodeproj.

  4. Add Nem2SwiftSdk.framework.
    4-1. Select your application project in the Project navigator.
    4-2. Click on the + button under the "Embedded Binaries" section in General tab.
    4-3. Select Nem2SwiftSdk.framework

  5. Add depeneded frameworks.
    Add the following frameworks in "nem2-sdk-swift/Carthage/Build/iOS" directory to "Embedded Binaries"

    • RxSwift.framework

    If you don't check "Copy items if needed", add "nem2-sdk-swift/Carthage/Build/iOS" directory to "Framework Search Paths" of your application.

How to use

Account Generation

Account generates a NEM account. Network version is required.

let account = Account(networkType: .mijinTest)

If you have private key already, retrieve the account from the key.

let account = Account(privateKeyHexString: privateKey, network: .mijinTest)

Sending XEM or Mosaics

First, create TransferTransaction object.

let transaction = TransferTransaction.create(
    recipient: try Address(rawAddress: "SC7A4H-7CYCSH-4CP4XI-ZS4G2G-CDZ7JP-PR5FRG-2VBU"),
    mosaics: [XEM.of(xemAmount: 10)],
    networkType: .mijinTest)

In this example, a sender sends 10 XEM to "SC7A4H-7CYCSH-4CP4XI-ZS4G2G-CDZ7JP-PR5FRG-2VBU" .

Next, sign the transaction with the sender account.

let signedTransaction = account.sign(transaction: transaction)

Then send the transaction with TransactionHttp.

import RxSwift

let transactionHttp = TransactionHttp(url: URL(string:"http://localhost:3000")!)
transactionHttp.announce(signedTransaction: signedTransaction).subscribe(
    onSuccess: { announceResult in
    onError: { error in
    }).disposed(by: disposeBag)

The response is Single of RxSwift.

Monitoring Transactions

Listener monitors block generations and the transactions you are insterested in.

First, create Listener instance and call open

let listener = Listener(url: URL(string:"http://localhost:3000")!)
    onCompleted: {
    onError: { error in
    }).disposed(by: disposeBag)

The response of open is Completable of RxSwift.

After onCompleted is notified, call confirmed or a function corresponding to the item you want to monitor.

listener.confirmed(address: address)
    .subscribe(onNext: { transaction in
    }).disposed(by: disposeBag)

The response of confirmed is Observable. Each time a transaction is confirmed, onNext is notified.

Other NEM2 APIs

You can use REST API of NEM2 with AccountHttp, BlockchainHttp, MosaicHttp, NamespaceHttp, NetworkHttp and TransactionHttp.

See REST API reference for detail.

API Reference

You can see API Reference of Nem2SdkSwift in nem2-sdk-swift/docs. Open nem2-sdk-swift/docs/index.html with your browser.

Core Contributors


We'd love to get more people involved in the project. Please feel free to raise any issues or PR and we'll review your contribution.

Copyright (c) 2018 ProximaX Limited


Official Swift SDK for ProximaX/NEM Catapult





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