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Safejumper for Desktop

This piece of software is a custom OpenVPN client for Desktop. It has been specifically designed to work with the VPN network.


This code is licensed to GNU-GPL. It means you can take the code and modify it as you wish, but you must also make such a modified code subsequently open source. This is a win-win situation. If you improve our code, we enjoy updates. If we improve it, you do too.

PGP Signature

The latest version of Safejumper is available under various binaries whose PGP signature are:


If you are a talented developer, you can contribute to the code. You can implement new features or fix bugs. Just fork and submit your code improvements. We will happily reward you with some satoshis (Bitcoin).


If you are a VPN provider, you can feel free to use this code and customise it with your own branding. We have no problem with that. You can even hire our developer to such end. The only thing we ask in return is that you share your code so we can mutually benefit from each others’ improvements. If you have some money, you can also directly contribute to a cash pool that will support this software development. Contact us through for more details.


This software has been developed by the following persons or entities: