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What is the prplHypervisor™?

The prplHypervisor™ is the industry-first open source hypervisor specifically designed to provide security through separation for the billions of embedded connected devices that power the Internet of Things. The MIPS M5150 version of the prplHypervisor™ implements MIPS VZ extensions to provide a lightweight isolation layer for Microchip Technology’s PIC32MZ microcontrollers. In addition to real-time hardware virtualization, the prplHypervisor™ provides additional security services including prplPUF™ authentication and prplSecureInterVM™ communications.

The prplHypervisor™ features minimal attack surface - less than 7,000 lines of code, limited footprint – 30KB flash, 4K RAM/VM, up to eight isolated domains. Performance tests show negligible overhead for context switching and interVM communications. prplHypervisor™, prplPUF™, and prplSecureInterVM™ technologies are part of the prplSecurity™ open source framework and are released under prpl Foundation permissive license – see

How to build?

Once you have the building environment configured, go to a platform board folder:

prpl-hypervisor/platform/pic32mz_chipkit_Wifire, or;

Then, perform:

 make && make load

See the complete documentation in