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@bubnikv bubnikv released this May 20, 2019 · 143 commits to master since this release

PrusaSlicer PrusaSlicer 2.0.0


This is the final release of PrusaSlicer 2.0.0, mostly fixing bugs discovered in the first two release candidates. The PrusaSlicer 2.0.0 is a successor of the Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta2. See the project web for details.

Please check the change logs of 2.0.0-rc, 2.0.0-rc2 and 1.42.0-beta2 for the complete change logs of the 2.0.0 / 1.42.0 series.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue in copy / paste of objects, where if such a situation was stored into a 3MF or AMF project and reloaded, the copied object instance was shifted by half the bounding box size.
  • OSX specific: Fixed a regression issue against the rc2, where it was not possible to delete the last digit in a spin control.
  • Fixed asserts on application initialization #2272 thanks @wavexx.
  • Fixed an error, when setting the support material distance to "0 (soluble)" or "0.2 (default) and the active language was not English #2278.
  • Fixed a crash when setting the infill to 100% and the active language was not English #2279.
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@bubnikv bubnikv released this May 20, 2019 · 176 commits to master since this release

PrusaSlicer PrusaSlicer 2.0.0-rc2


This is a second release candidate of PrusaSlicer 2.0.0, mostly fixing bugs discovered in the first release candidate. The PrusaSlicer 2.0.0-rc2 is a successor of the Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta2. Please see the change logs of 2.0.0-rc and 1.42.0-beta2 for the complete change logs of the 2.0.0 / 1.42.0 series.

Bugs fixed

  • Refresh rate was increased while manipulating the layer slider in the print path preview #1250.
  • List of filament types was extended with resin types less commonly used for FDM printing like PC, PEEK or PEKK. A free form text may newly be entered into the "filament type" field #1704 #2232.
  • The default output_filename_format template was changed to contain the default ".gcode" file extension for the FDM technology and the ".sl1" file extension for the MSLA technology. This gives the user a clear cue, that the extension should better be provided in the template field. This change has been done to fix an issue, where the the code which processes the output_filaneme_format template considers everything after the last dot to be a custom file extension. Also newly an empty output_filename_format is supported as well, producing an output file name with a ".gcode" or an ".sl1" extension #1918.
  • Fixed localization a configuration key by mistake, leading to a crash of PrusaSlicer 2.0.0-rc when switched to French language #2233.
  • Fixed an issue in the "Send G-code to printer host" dialog, where the host upload path persisted even if erased #2234.
  • The "save preset" dialog newly prohibits square brackets in the preset name, as the preset name is used as section key in a config bundle .ini file, and the closing square bracket is prohibited in a section key #2236.
  • OSX specific: Fixed an issue of an edit field with a spin control, where the whole field context was being selected after each key stroke #2237, #2259.
  • Fixed missing images on Windows, "invalid bitmap size" asserts on Linux #2238, #2240.
  • Fixed inconsistent (+) versus (x) icons at the "Color print" layer slider #2249.
  • Fixed wxWidgets asserts on Linux / GTK at closing of many dialogs #2250.
  • OSX specific: Fixed layout issues caused by wxWidgets returning a zero HiDPI scaling value for some UI widgets, if these widgets were not yet fully constructed #2251.
  • Windows specific: Fixed unnecessary notification of the File Explorer due to an association of the 3MF file format with PrusaSlicer at each application start up #2254.
  • OSX specific: Fixed application signing issue at the build server #2269.
  • At the Plater, the extruder selectors for a multi-material FDM printer now correctly limit the choice to the number of extruders defined at the Printer profile
  • Fixed mangled non-latin1 characters in Model Volume name after copy/paste.
  • Concept of a project file has been finished: The project file name is set when an AMF or 3MF file is drag & dropped onto the Plater, and the project name is used by the template processor to build the file name of the output G-code.
  • Windows & Linux specific: Fixed a regression, where in the object list when in-place editing the object name, the accelerator keys (Delete, Backspace, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-A) were incorrectly captured by the object list, causing weired effects or even crashes.
  • Added a new "Portions copyright..." dialog, which opens from the About dialog and it shows the used libraries, their authors and copyrights.
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@bubnikv bubnikv released this May 15, 2019 · 230 commits to master since this release

PrusaSlicer PrusaSlicer 2.0.0-rc


This is a release candidate of PrusaSlicer 2.0.0 based on Slic3r. The PrusaSlicer 2.0.0-rc is a successor of the Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta2. Please see the change log of the 1.42.0-beta2 release for the complete change logs of the 1.42.0 series.

As the Slic3r Prusa Edition diverged from the original Slic3r significantly, we decided to rename the project to PrusaSlicer. The community used the Slic3r and Slic3r PE names pretty much interchangeably, which lead to confusion. For example bug reports and pull requests on Slic3r PE were being posted into the original Slic3r repository, and new users could mistakingly download upstream Slic3r and wonder why it looks different from the screen shots in the Prusa3D Handbook and why the Slic3r it not configured for their printer. PrusaSlicer is based on the Slic3r by Alessandro Ranellucci and the RepRap community, and we are proud of that heritage. While the two projects diverged, we believe developers of both projects will continue to exchange the source code and ideas.

New features with respect to Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta2

  • Localization dictionaries were updated for Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish languages.
  • Newly installed PrusaSlicer will select the application language based on the operating system language.
  • PrusaSlicer now remembers the project name. The active project name is shown at the application title bar, and it is used by the "Save Project" / "Save Project as" menus. The active project name is cleared with the "New Project" menu or with the "Delete All" toolbar button.
  • Objects in the 3D scene may newly be selected with a rectangle tool by holding the Shift key and dragging the mouse with the left button pressed. If the Alt key is held instead, objects inside the drawn rectangle are being deselected.
  • The Scaling gizmo now supports anisotropic scaling at one end only by holding the Control key while dragging the gizmo manipulator. This tool is useful for moving walls of support blocker or enforcer cubes.
  • The Esc key in the 3D scene leaves the active gizmo. Newly if the Esc key is pressed for the second time, the 3D scene selection is cleared.
  • The Object Manipulation box at the side panel newly supports rotation and scaling of object instances in the World coordinate system. If the Simple mode is active, object instances are rotated and scaled in the World coordinate system only. For Advanced and Expert mode, the Object Manipulation box may be switched between the World and Local coordinate systems #1627 #1733.
  • The "Delete All" tool bar button now asks for confirmation.
  • The FDM "Supports" combo box at the Plater newly offers "For support enforcers only" choice.
  • The multi-material wipe tower is now respected by the Arrange function #1418.
  • The multi-material wipe tower can now be rotated by the Z axis with the rotation gizmo.
  • The multi-material wipe tower generator newly supports the RepRap firmware #1843.
  • The SLA gizmo newly provides a "Show hot keys" dialog to hint on the SLA gizmo specific hot keys.
  • The SLA clipping plane now rotates with the camera, and there is a new button at the SLA gizmo dialog to reset the clipping plane parallel to the camera.
  • The SLA clipping plane can now be moved by the Ctrl key + mouse wheel rotation.
  • It is now possible to export content of the Plater including the SLA support structures and pad into an STL file (menu File->Export->Export Plate as STL including supports) #1999.
  • The exclamation mark icon indicating model errors is newly shown at each model volume at the object list. The exclamation mark is also shown at the object information panel in simple mode. Clicking on the exclamation mark with the right mouse button sends the model to Netfabb service for fixing as usual (only on Windows 10).
  • The installation wizard was extended to generate explicit extrusion widths for the custom profile instead of zeros (zeros indicate the automagic defaults).
  • The Help menus "Prusa3D Drivers" and "PrusaSlicer Website" newly point to localized Prusa3D web pages (these will be filled in for the final release).
  • The software update notification dialogs now point to the localized release logs for the release quality software and presets (the localized change logs will be filled in for the final release). Notifications for the alpha, beta and release candidate releases will still point to the github releases page.
  • Format of the print statistics exported into the G-code was improved, so that it is easier to be parsed by scripts, especially if printing with multiple extruders. See the commit comment for details.
  • OSX specific: We now show a white set of menu icons at the main menu bar in dark mode.
  • OSX specific: The object list finally supports the usual hot keys (Backspace, Control-C, Control-V, Control-A).
  • Windows specific: The PrusaSlicer project file (.3MF) is newly associated with the PrusaSlicer application.
  • Windows specific: The menu icons are now properly scaled after the display resolution is changed.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed compilation of a command line only PrusaSlicer #1050.
  • Fixed wrong print time estimate for absolute extruder addressing #1380.
  • Fixed wxWidgets asserts on Linux at status line update #1770.
  • Fixed automatic extrusion width (when user enters "0" as the extrusion width value) #1803, thanks @supermerill.
  • Fixed a regression issue in the print validation code for sequential print #1911, thanks @supermerill.
  • OctoPrint upload now supports redirecting of post requests #2018.
  • Width of the Layer scroll bar was extended on Linux / GTK to fit the layer number #2108.
  • Fixed a Windows specific bug in wxWidgets, which broke entering of custom infill densities into the combo box at the Plater #2128.
  • Fixed compilation against wxWidgets 3.0.x to support building on Linux against the wxWidgets distributed by the distros #2168.
  • Fixed crash when switching the printer preset while the "Machine limits" parameter page was active #2197.
  • Fixed crash when deleting an object while the Layer Editing was active on it #2214.
  • Fixed excessive memory allocation during SLA slicing, often leading to "std::bad_alloc" error messages being emitted.
  • Fixed regression issue in setting high extruder current during MMU1 toolchange (was broken since 6da83c7).
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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Apr 14, 2019 · 584 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta2


This is a third public beta release succeeding multiples of the Slic3r PE 1.42.0 alphas and two betas, introducing a Copy / Paste feature to the 3D scene, improving the SLA mode and fixing many bugs. Compared to the current stable Slic3r PE 1.41.3 release, the Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta1 features a significantly reworked user interface, new masked SLA support, improved stability and a lot more. Please check the detailed change log of the 1.42.0-alpha1 release for all the major changes, and don't miss the change logs of the successive alphas for incremental improvements upon the first alpha: 1.42.0-alpha3, 1.42.0-alpha4, 1.42.0-alpha5 1.42.0-alpha7, 1.42.0-beta and 1.42.0-beta1.

New features with respect to Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta1

SLA improvements

  • Multiple support point selection is now performed by holding a Control key, it used to be the Shift key. The rectangular selection is performed by holding a Shift key while dragging a mouse holding the left mouse button as before. This is consistent with the handling of the modifier keys on desktop operating systems. A new rectangular deselection mode is performed by holding an Alt key while dragging a mouse holding the left mouse button.
  • SLA gizmo newly provides a clipping plane to enable inspection and editing of supports inside folds and cavities of complex objects. The clipping plane is always kept parallel to the camera, and user may modify distance of the clipping plane from the camera. As of now, the holes in the support structures and in the pad opened by the clipping plane are not yet closed for visualization, though we are working on it #1950.
  • The default SLA support density was increased to 130% of the previous value (100% now works as 130% before). This makes the default supports a bit denser.
  • SLA slicer now allows for correction of expansion or shrinking of the print by applying scaling factors. The new scaling factors are defined at the Printer and Material profiles. In addition, a Gamma correction may be applied to the rasterized images to correct for non-linearities of the display and to correct for the non-linearities of the reaction of the resin to the light exposure #2114.
  • The "Optimize orientation" tool has been improved to try to fit the object into the printer build volume.
  • Slicing export has been optimized for speed.

Other improvements

  • Most icons were replaced with scalable designs, painted exclusively for Slic3r PE. We are still fine tuning contrast of these new icons in some desktop color schemes, so please be patient with us.
  • Copy / Paste now works on objects, parts and modifiers in the 3D scene and in the object list #2092.
  • Multiple objects are now selected in the 3D scene by holding a Control key, it used to be the Shift key. The new behavior is consistent with the selection in the object list, and the Shift key is reserved for a selection of objects by dragging a rectangle.
  • When loading a 3MF or an AMF file containing instances or modifiers, and the Simple mode is active, user is now asked whether he or she wants to cancel loading, or whether he or she wants to switch Slic3r to an Advanced mode, as there is no user interface provided in the Simple mode to control these advanced features.
  • The Plater is newly switched to the preview screen when the "Slice now" button is pressed.
  • Firmware uploader now supports flashing the new SLA Curing and Washing Machine.
  • Extruder can newly be assigned to a model from a 3D scene using object's pop up menu, and extruder can newly be assigned to a group of model volumes or modifiers using a pop up menu from the object list.
  • There is now a new logic for splitting all instances of an object into individual objects: Either drag and drop all instances of an object at the object list to an empty space, or use the pop up menu.
  • Custom bridging angle value is now applied even for infill areas, which are supported from one side only, therefore they were not considered to be bridges before.
  • Windows specific: A new --sw-renderer command line switch has been added to instruct Slic3r to load the MESA software renderer instead of a possibly buggy default OpenGL driver. In addition, the MESA software renderer is loaded by default if Slic3r is started over a Remote Desktop session #2068.
  • Project README was updated, build process documentation was improved, and a Wiki FAQ page was added, thanks @LF.

Bugs fixed

  • Compilation of a command line only Slic3r was restored. Command line only builds are compiled by giving a -DSLIC3R_GUI=no switch to cmake #1348.
  • Linux specific: Fixed crash in Gtk file chooser on some Linux distros when running Slic3r from an AppImage. The issue was caused by mixing two binary non compatible (sic!) libpng libraries. Now we do not bundle libpng anymore, therefore just the system library is loaded and the crash is gone #1703.
  • SLA and FDM slicing has been fixed for mirrored objects, also the Cut by plane did not work for mirrored objects and it is now fixed #1915.
  • After removing all but the last model part from an object, the extruder identifier and other parameter overrides are no more shown at the side bar for the last remaining model part, therefore these parameters are now copied up to the object level to become accessible #1931.
  • Linux specific: CMake build system now supports an option to choose a GTK version #1937.
  • Fixed importing of .AMF files with an undefined object position. Such objects were placed to a zero point of the print bed, they are now auto centered #1998.
  • Linux specific: Fixed assert error on startup #2003 #2005.
  • Fixed layout issues of Support and Infill drop-downs at the Plater on HiDPI displays #2014.
  • Fixed an issue, where the Platter infill and support controls erroneously reseted their respective values in a preset of a loaded project #2021.
  • Fixed side bar layout issues, where the vertical scroll bar sometimes covered content of the side panel #2029.
  • Fixed export of the .SL1 zip archive in case the project name contains non-Latin1 characters. The project name is now also used to name the files packed into the archive, and the project name is stored inside the archive meta data file #2036.
  • Fixed crashes on splitting of some broken models #2042, thanks @SijmenSchoon.
  • Improved scaling of the in the 3D scene dialogs (cut dialog, SLA gizmo dialog) #2043.
  • Fixed FFF layer view for sequential objects #2044.
  • OSX specific: Fixed Variable Layer Heigth cursor highlight in the 3D scene on Retina displays #2050.
  • Fixed "Repair from File menu doesn't save the file" #2064.
  • Fixed Variable Layer Height feature for non-zero rotations of an object #2073.
  • Fixed loss of selection when Place on Face gizmo was active and user clicked on another object #2081.
  • The M73 P100 is now exported at the end of the G-code to correctly convey the "finished print" state to the printer #2082.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the selection between the 3D scene and the object list. The 3D scene and the object list now both support either an instance selection mode or a part (or modifier) selection mode, where only parts of the same object instance could be selected jointly.
  • Fixed a missing update of the slicing back end after an attribute is deleted from an object or a modifier.
  • Fixed some issues of the SLA gizmo update when switching objects or instances.
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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Mar 24, 2019 · 938 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta1


This is a second public beta release succeeding multiples of the Slic3r PE 1.42.0 alphas and the first beta. Compared to the current stable Slic3r PE 1.41.3 release, the Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta1 features a significantly reworked user interface, new masked SLA support, improved stability and a lot more. Please check the detailed change log of the 1.42.0-alpha1 release for all the major changes, and don't miss the change logs of the successive alphas for incremental improvements upon the first alpha: 1.42.0-alpha3, 1.42.0-alpha4, 1.42.0-alpha5 1.42.0-alpha7 and 1.42.0-beta.

New features with respect to Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta

  • Buttons were added to the right of the preset combo boxes to switch to the parameter pages. Inspired by the upstream Slic3r, implemented by @alexrj.
  • The Printer preset combo box newly features a new "Add new printer" item to open the configuration wizard.
  • When saving a system profile, a suffix "- Copy" is added to the name of the system profile to avoid a name clash with the system profile.
  • Delete key now works in the object list, with the exception of OSX (due to the limitations of the wxWidgets framework), where the Delete function is now accessible from the context menu #1990.
  • Context menu in the 3D scene now opens on a mouse up event. The menu used to open on a mouse down event, which lead to some unintended menu selections if user moved the mouse cursor before lifting his finger.
  • When the SLA support editing gizmo is active, the object / support / pad are now rendered each with its own color, not with the green color signifying a selection.
  • SLA specific: Object elevation above the platform is now validated against the support and pad parameters. An error is issued, if the elevation is too low for the object to be printable over supports.

Bugs fixed

  • Linux specific: Fixed a crash on Cut by plane operation #1874 #1955.
  • Fixed an out of bounds selection in the object list, fixes some "Reload from disk" asserts #1890.
  • A minimum size of the user interface elements has been established to avoid layout issues with extremely tiny system fonts (this will likely happen mainly on Linux where the user has a freedom experiment and break things) #1917.
  • Fixed a regression issue introduced in the 1.42.0-beta, that caused Slic3r to crash and close when slicing small FDM models #1972 #1978 #1979 #1980 #1995.
  • Fixed an FDM layer slider update. Updates caused by the layer view controls, for example by the "show travel moves" checkbox, will no more reset the layer slider to a full span #1976.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when deleting a printer profile, for example when deleting a printer profile created by Configuration Wizard #1985.
  • SLA specific: Fixed an issue, when duplicate layers were sometimes produced in case of multiple objects being sliced together.
  • Fixed a crash if the number of FDM perimeters was set to an extreme number. Now the number of perimeters is limited to 10 thousands, which corresponds to 50 meters when printing with a 0.2 mm diameter nozzle.
  • Fixed visual hints for the position manipulation from the side bar in case of a single volume selection.
  • The huge png images of the print bed were removed from the installation, as these images are now rendered from vector SVGs.
  • Menu items from the object pop up menu in Simple Mode, which work with object instances and object parts, were removed, as these are not supported in Simple Mode.
  • The parameter tabs now refresh much quicker, especially on Windows on a high DPI display.
  • Combo boxes with and without the bitmaps now use the same wxWidget control for unified look and feel.
  • Alpha blending accuracy of overlay texts in the 3D scene (warnings, G-code legend) has been improved.
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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Mar 17, 2019 · 1040 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta


This is a first public beta release succeeding multiples of the Slic3r PE 1.42.0 alphas. Compared to the current stable Slic3r PE 1.41.3 release, the Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta features a significantly reworked user interface, new masked SLA support, improved stability and a lot more. Please check the detailed change log of the 1.42.0-alpha1 release for all the major changes, and don't miss the change logs of the successive alphas for incremental improvements upon the first alpha: 1.42.0-alpha3, 1.42.0-alpha4, 1.42.0-alpha5 and 1.42.0-alpha7.

New features with respect to Slic3r PE 1.42.0-alpha7

SLA improvements

  • Stability of SLA supports has been further improved by smarter interconnecting of support pillars. Support pillars are now interconnected everywhere, not only those connected directly to the build platform.
  • Single long self standing support pillars are now complemented by another one or two additional pillars for better stability.
  • It is now possible to change diameter of individual support head tips or group of support points for stronger support to object bonding.
  • For support points not directly above the build platform, the support generator now tries to find a path to the build platform to avoid scarring of the object surface.
  • Support points displayed in the 3D scene are now augmented with cones perpendicular to the object surface, so the support points are easier to spot.
  • "Supports on build platform only" option may now be selected at the Plater.

Command line processing

#1582 #1676 #1805 #1827

The 1.42.0-beta command line processing is based on the upstream code by @alexrj and @lordofhyphens. The command line format is as described by with some exceptions:

  • instead of --help-options we have --help-fff and --help-sla
  • we have an additional parameter --loglevel to configure severity of messages printed out to the console
  • we support --export-sla, not --export-sla-svg or --export-svg
  • we don't support --cut-grid --cut-x --cut-y --autosave

As may be expected, the Slic3r 1.42.0-beta loads the profiles from an AMF or 3MF file when slicing from the command line, and the individual slicing parameters specified on command line overwrite those imported from the AMF or 3MF file.

Other new features

  • The two "Slice now" & "Export" buttons are now merged into a single button, changing its text and purpose based on the slicing status.
  • Parts of a multi-part object are now clipped by each other in the order they are presented at the object list #1551.
  • The Bonjour Host discovery dialog filters away print hosts not compatible with the active printer technology. Namely, only SL1 printers are shown for the SLA technology, and no SL1 printers are shown for the FFF technology.
  • Added "Export object as STL" menu item to the object list context menu.
  • The G-code legend is now painted over a transparent background to improve readability.
  • One can now set extruder on multiple items at once from the object pop up menu #1940.
  • For the side views (views with the print bed perpendicular to the screen), panning an object up and down now moves the object along the world Z axis.
  • The standard error output produced by the post processing scripts is now being collected and showed by Slic3r in case the post-processing script returns non zero. This currently works on OSX and Linux, Windows implementation is pending #1908.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed an issue, where a change of print host configuration was accepted first after Slic3r restart #1687.
  • Fixed misalignment of print paths in the G-code preview for multi-extruder setups #1812.
  • Linux / AppImage specific: The PYTHONPATH / PERLLIB environment variables are no more overwritten by the AppImage, so the system wide Perl / Python interpreter may be used by the post processing scripts #1831.
  • Fixed execution of post processing scripts with parameters on Linux / OSX. The post processing scripts are now being executed through the default shell, which takes care of the command line parameter parsing #1832.
  • Improved Bonjour complience. Some Bonjour devices, namely @probonopd's ESP8266 solution, were not discovered) #1864.
  • Fixed one more regression issue worsening handling of broken models compared to the Slicer PE 1.41.3 #1869 #1920 #1960.
  • Fixed excessive discretization of the Archimedean infill pattern, causing huge G-files and slicing times #1871.
  • Fixed a regression issue, where a modified Print profile was being reset to the last saved state in case another Printer profile was selected, which was compatible with the active Print profile #1891.
  • Fixed scrolling of the selected item in the object list, for example after changing an object extruder #1902.
  • Fixed scroll wheel behavior on the layer selection scroll bar #1913.
  • Fixed an issue, where after all but the last volume were deleted, the parameter overrides of the only volume left were no more accessible through the user interface. Now the configuration of the last remaining volume is moved to the object level #1931.
  • Fixed rotation of multiple volumes in the 3D scene. The rotation gizmo was being rendered in a plane different from the plane where it actually rotated.
  • Fixed insufficient overlap of the wipe tower brim lines.
  • Fixed profile selection after the Configuration Wizard closes. Now the preset active before the wizard is re-activated.
  • When adding configuration overrides to an object or a volume, these overrides were initialized from the hard coded defaults. Now they are initialized with values of an active profile.
  • Fixed a bug, where a bounding box volume instead of a real volume of the object was shown at the side bar.
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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Mar 2, 2019 · 1237 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-alpha7


This is a public alpha release, supporting HiDPI displays, improving SLA supports, and fixing bugs found in the Slic3r 1.42.0-alpha5 release. Please check the 1.42.0-alpha1 , 1.42.0-alpha3 and 1.42.0-alpha4 change logs for what is new in the 1.42 series.

New features

HiDPI support

  • Correct scaling on high resolution displays has been implemented for all platforms supported by the Slic3r PE. On Windows and Linux, the scaling is derived from the width of the default font. On OSX, the system takes care of scaling #1644 #1709 #1771 #1785 #1847 #1849.
  • A nanosvg library has been integrated to support resolution independent rendering of SVG vector images.
  • The Prusa3D print bed images are now rasterized into a high resolution texture from an SVG vector format. Based on the maximum texture size supported by the graphic card, print bed texture up to 8192x8192 is rasterized to look sharp at close up on large retina displays.
  • All the icons displayed by Slic3r are being redrawn by our artist into an SVG vector format to be resolution independent.

SLA improvements - User interface and Workflow

The support editor user interface received a significant update.

  • When the support editor tool is active, only a single object is displayed, therefore supports of the selected object are not occluded by the other objects.
  • Automatic support points are generated from the support editor dialog including the support structure and pad. In contrast to the previous versions, supports are generated first for the selected object, speeding up the workflow.
  • Support points are now editable by entering a "Manual editing" mode from the support editor dialog. In the "Manual editing" mode, the support structure and pad are hidden, showing just the support points. When leaving the "Manual editing" mode by accepting the changes, the support structure and pad are recalculated and shown on the screen.
  • The support editor now recognizes the following hot keys: A - Auto generate, M - enter "Manual editing" mode, Escape - leave the "Manual editing" mode while discarding changes, Enter - leave the "Manual editing" mode while accepting changes, Ctrl-A to select all support points inside the "Manual editing" mode.
  • Support points may now be selected with a rectangular selection tool while holding the Shift key.

SLA improvements - Automatic supports

  • Automatic SLA supports were reworked to take into account the force required to tear a layer off the bottom of the resin vat.
  • The SLA support tree generator was improved to not intersect or touch the object #1826.
  • The previous support generator was routing the support heads away from the object along the object's surface normal. This simple algorithm often lead to a collision with the object, and subsequently to a refusal of the support point. The improved algorithm now tries to find an alternate collision-free direction of the support head.
  • The SLA support generator was parallelized and optimized to run much faster.
  • The pad wall slope angle is now user configurable.
  • When slicing all the objects, the order of background processing steps was changed to calculate the supports and pad of all objects before running the rasterization steps to get a quicker preview of the supports and pad.

Other new features

  • We have now an accurate print time estimation for the SL1 printer.
  • The Configuration Wizard has been reworked to support an increasing number of Prusa3D printer models.
  • The FDM external fill pattern settings is now split to top / bottom patterns #475, #479, #1133, #1474, thanks @supermerill.
  • A new configuration value "slice_closing_radius" has been introduced to control the size of gaps and cracks to be closed inside a slice. See issues #520 #820 #1029 #1364 for the discussion why such a parameter is needed. Slic3r 1.41.3 has this value hard coded to 0.049, while 1.42.0 releases had this value hard coded to 0.001 leading to issues such as #1784. Starting with this release, the default value is reverted to the same value as in Slic3r 1.41.3.
  • Send to print host (OctoPrint, Duet, SL1): The upload path and "start print" checkbox are now persistent #1004 #1106 #1219 #1678.
  • Modifier meshes are now initially oriented parallel to the world coordinates, with the exception of a modifier attached to a rotated and non-uniformly scaled object.
  • Clicking on an object volume inside the 3D scene now selects the whole instance, while the selection of modifiers and support blockers / enforcers works as before. This change was made to avoid unintended misalignment of multi-part objects. If one wants to manipulate an object volume with mouse, he now has to select the volume from the side bar.

Bugs fixed:

User interface bug fixes

  • The in the 3D scene dialogs (implemented with the ImGUI library) now support keyboard input including copy/paste and cursor manipulation, which fixes the Z input field of the Cut dialog #1572 #1797.
  • The in the 3D scene dialogs are now localized by pre-rendering the required character glyphs based on the user language selected #1622.
  • Fixed an incorrect color being shown for a volume in the 3D view when using the "default" color #1745.
  • OSX specific: On startup after the Configuration Assistant or Preset update dialog was closed, the Preset selection combo boxes on Plater were not correctly initialized #1755.
  • OSX specific: Fixed crashes on an empty tool tip #1768.
  • Fixed incorrect camera size & position (regression issue introduced into 1.42.0-alpha5) #1772, #1793.
  • Fixed synchronization of the Simple / Advanced / Expert selector on the Plater and in the menu #1786.
  • Linux specific: The right click context menu was not opening reliably from the 3D scene #1788.
  • Entering just a decimal point into a numeric field is now considered to be a valid zero. Rotation values are converted to an interval of <0, 360 degrees) #1782.
  • Linux specific: The 3D view did not get a keyboard focus after Slic3r's main window was reactivated. A workaround for that wxWidgets bug was found #1789.
  • Negative values are now supported by the spin control. This fixes negative input for Ooze prevention #1800.
  • Print profile validation logic was fixed, where the background processing was receiving invalid data before UI validation, triggering an error message from the background processing simultaneously with the UI validation error message #1801.
  • Fixed dragging of an object or a modifier in case the camera is perpendicular to the print bed #1853.
  • Fixed a typo in Ukrainian translation of the menu 'Help' #1861.
  • Fixed rotation of an object instance from the side panel #1878.
  • Fixed unintentional camera rotation when clicking and dragging on toolbars.
  • OSX specific: Command-C no longer closes Firmware Updater and Configuration Assistant dialogs.
  • Fixed OpenGL assert on MESA OpenGL driver due to anisotropic texture filtering not being supported.

Firmware Updater bug fixes

Starting with Slic3r PE 1.40.0-beta, we support firmware uploading through the famous avrdude tool. Unfortunately integrating a command line tool into a multi platform GUI application such as Slic3r is not straightforward, so it took us time to smooth out some rough edges.

  • Serial port write timeouts were not handled correctly.
  • The serial port was not closed correctly in certain error situations, causing serial port errors on further firmware flashing attempts.
  • File name & text encoding problems on Windows: Files were not handled correctly if the file name or path contained localized characters. Also localized error messages were lost on non-English Windows in case the firmware upload failed.

Other bug fixes

  • Frequent crashes while cutting an object were solved by switching the cut triangulation library to a GLU tesselator developed by SGI in 1994. While the application should not crash anymore, the cut may not get triangulated properly if the model is broken #105 #1349 #1398 #1442 #1464.
  • SLA export produced incomplete .png files #1765.
  • Error handling of a missing Slic3r configuration directory was improved. Slic3r will not crash, but it will close gracefully #1778.
  • Fixed switching of a support blocker to an enforcer type and vice versa #1818.
  • Fixed insufficient accuracy of triangle mesh vertices exported into AMF and 3MF files, causing a model being marked as defective after re-opening #1863.
  • Fixed bug in the G-code preview of a multi-material print with a wipe tower, where the extrusion width was not shown correctly.
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Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.41.3


This is a patch release that contains updates of the stable branch.
Note that this is unrelated to the developement of version 1.42.0.

There are following updates in this release:

  • Printer profiles for new printer variants:
    • Original Prusa i3 MK3S
    • Original Prusa i3 MK3S MMU2S
    • Original Prusa i3 MK2.5S
    • Original Prusa i3 MK2.5S MMU2S
  • Updated Configuration Wizard (Assistant) GUI
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Feb 4, 2019
update custom settings & icons
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