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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Jan 29, 2019 · 1753 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-alpha4


This a fourth public alpha release, fixing bugs found in the Slic3r 1.42.0-alpha3 release. Please check the 1.42.0-alpha1 and 1.42.0-alpha3 change logs for what is new in the 1.42 series.

New features:

  • For the Prusa3D printers, Slic3r PE now displays three dimensional print bed models.
  • Implemented sharper rendering of the print bed bitmaps thanks to anisotropic rendering of the print bed textures.
  • When selecting a component, there is now a small mouse movement hysteresis before the newly selected object starts to move.
  • Tooltips on toolbars are now shown even if the buttons are disabled, and the tooltips contain the keyboard short cuts.
  • It is now possible to detach instance or multiple instances into independent objects from a context menu in the 3D scene, from the instance context menu in the object panel, and by dragging the instance inside the object panel to an empty space #1688.
  • In the adavanced & expert mode, we introduced an option to add a fixed selected set of frequently overridden object parameters with a single click. For example, the overrides for number of perimeters + number of top / bottom layers may be added to the object parameters from the object's top context menu with one action.
  • We have changed the "advanced" user mode to show the object list, however the context menus in the "advanced" mode are slightly simplified compared to the "expert mode". We recommend to use the "advanced" mode for every day printing to the expert users, and to use the "expert" mode just for printer parameter tuning.
  • In SLA mode, the "enable pad", "enable supports" check boxes are now available at the side bar.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the variable layer height editing #1499, #1610.
  • Generic subparts (modifiers, support blockers / enforcers) are now placed initially at one of the bottom corners of the world bounding box of the transformed currently selected instance, so that the newly added subparts become pickable #1517.
  • Fixed missing layers in sliced objects. This was a regression error due to missing merges from 1.41.2 (stable) to the current 1.42.0-alpha1 #1562, #1592, #1614, #1633, #1650, #1711
  • Fixed closing of the "About" dialog by clicking on the logo. The "About" and "Firmware Updater" dialogs now close on escape key #1606.
  • Extended the resolution of the side panel object manipulation numeric input fields to two digits after the decimal point #1619.
  • Fixed an old but rare extra extrusion occurring for a single perimeter, no infill prints with wipe after retract enabled #1631.
  • Fixed incorrect capture of the accelerator key "?" bound to the "Keyboard Shortcuts Help Dialog". The "?" key was captured globally, therefore it was impossible to enter "?" into the text fields. Now the "?" key is captured in the 3D scene only #1638.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of modifier meshes after reloading from a 3mf file #1640.
  • Fixed update of the object manipulation side bar after an object is deleted and another object is loaded #1645.
  • Fixed endless recursion after switching into the vase mode, where the "Shall I adjust the depending parameters" opens over and over #1649.
  • Fixed a crash after changing print values with some layer color changes defined #1658.
  • Re-implemented post processing scripts on Windows. Slic3r will run batch files (with the .bat extension) with the cmd.exe interpreter, it will run perl scripts (with the .pl extension) with the perl.exe interpreter searched for in the Slic3r install directory. As we are no more distributing Perl with Slic3r, you will likely need to install our precompiled Perl #1666 #1714.
  • Fixed zooming of the camera to print bed on application start and when switching printer profiles #1671.
  • Improved user interface responsiveness by caching the status of "object consists of multiple parts, therefore it is splittable".
  • Updated localization pod files from the current source code. Contributors are welcome to help with the translation, though please be aware, that some texts may still change.
  • Added menu accelerator keys (those letters, that are displayed as underscored in menus). These letters shall be unique in each menu, please keep that in mind when localizing menus.

OSX specific:

  • Implemented high resolution (Retina) rendering of the 3D scene #97.
  • Disabled smart substitutions in the parameter input fields #830 and in OctoPrint input field #1678.
  • Fixed restoring of the Slic3r window after being minimized #129, #925.
  • Fixed main window persistence (restore window at its previous position and size). If the restored window is out of the current set of displays, it is moved to the primary display #493, #1272.
  • Fixed compilation issues (deployment target was incorrect) on Mac #1421.
  • Convinced OSX to not replace Slic3r's Window menu with the operating system default menu. This issue fixed missing "OctoPrint upload queue" menu item in the Window menu.
  • Fixed a bug, where the actions, that should have happened on closing of an application (storing of modified profiles, storing of window positions) would not happen if the application was closed with Cmd-Q key combination.

Know issues to be fixed in the next release:

  • Synchronization between Objects List and Object Manipulation fields is broken. If the object list gets focus, it reverts the changes entered into the Object Manipulation box.
  • Rotation using Object Manipulation fields is broken.
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