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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Feb 4, 2019 · 1628 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-alpha5


This a fifth public alpha release, fixing bugs found in the Slic3r 1.42.0-alpha4 release. Please check the 1.42.0-alpha1 , 1.42.0-alpha3 and 1.42.0-alpha4 change logs for what is new in the 1.42 series.

New features:

  • Support for the OctoPrint Cancelobject" plugin #972, thanks @supermerill.
  • The new Color Print feature newly shows the color changes in the print path preview immediately without waiting for the G-code to be generated.
  • Added [layer_num] and [layer_z] to Custom Tool Change G-code #1651
  • As Slic3r currently ignores user's decimal separator settings, we have changed the numeric input fields to support both dot and comma as a valid decimal separator #1705
  • Model fixing through Netfabb service (Windows only): Model volumes are now fixed one by one, instances & parameters are maintained, it is now possible to fix just a single volume of a multi-part object.

Bugs fixed:

  • Disabled the broken experimental pressure equalizer #123 #673 #1477.
  • Fixed a bug in the cooling slow down logic #1488.
  • OSX specific: Fixed a word wrap issue on single line text inputs #1575 1678.
  • Fixed another user / system profile handling issue happening if the user managed to import user profiles with the same names as the system profiles. These user profiles are now correctly ignored #1588.
  • OSX specific: It is now possible to rename objects at the side panel from a pop up menu. The pop up menu is required due to the limitations of wxWidgets, on other platforms the name can be renamed at the right panel in place #1667 #1678.
  • The macro "used_filament" in the custom G-code filename template now expands to a length in meters, not millimeters #1680.
  • Fixed an OctoPrint UI update issue when switching printer profiles #1687.
  • Fixed a harmless but confusing incorrect G-code comment for a Single Extruder Multi Material filament type being switched in #1691.
  • Linux specific: Slic3r can now be started via symlink #1698 thanks @Jyx.
  • Fixed freezing of 3D manipulation gizmos #1713
  • Fixed scaling of modifier meshes with the side panel #1715.
  • Fixed a regression issue introduced in apha3, where STLs loaded as a single multi-part object were not aligned correctly in Z #1730 #1754.
  • Fixed a bug when combining post processing scripts with sending to OctoPrint #1731.
  • When Drag & Dropping an STL to Slic3r, Windows showed a "Move" text below the dragged STL icon. This was harmless, but intimidating. We now changed the default Drag & Drop target from "Move" to "Copy" #1742.
  • When switched to layer height editing mode, the modifiers were displayed in solid color, they are now displayed correctly as transparent fb6ef1d.
  • OSX specific: The Command hot keys over the 3D scene toolbars are now shown with the OSX "Command" symbols, not as "Ctrl+".
  • OSX specific: Changed the "Preferences dialog" short cut to the platform default "Control-," #1748
  • Fixed an assert when starting up on Linux due to OpenGL calls before the OpenGL context is created #1750.
  • The "Add Instance" / "Remove instance" / "Split to parts" buttons are now hidden in Simple mode, as they make no sense when the sidebar does not show the object list.
  • The accelerators Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Del and Del were incorrectly captured globally by being defined in the Edit menu. These accelerators are now captured by the 3D scene widget only #1753.
  • Windows specific: When enumerating presets, vendor configs, online update files etc, hidden and system files are now ignored. This fixes crashes if these directories are synchronized with Dropbox #1760 #1761.
  • Fixed an error when importing / exporting Config Bundles containing at least one SLA print or SLA material.
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