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@bubnikv bubnikv released this Apr 14, 2019 · 584 commits to master since this release

Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta2


This is a third public beta release succeeding multiples of the Slic3r PE 1.42.0 alphas and two betas, introducing a Copy / Paste feature to the 3D scene, improving the SLA mode and fixing many bugs. Compared to the current stable Slic3r PE 1.41.3 release, the Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta1 features a significantly reworked user interface, new masked SLA support, improved stability and a lot more. Please check the detailed change log of the 1.42.0-alpha1 release for all the major changes, and don't miss the change logs of the successive alphas for incremental improvements upon the first alpha: 1.42.0-alpha3, 1.42.0-alpha4, 1.42.0-alpha5 1.42.0-alpha7, 1.42.0-beta and 1.42.0-beta1.

New features with respect to Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta1

SLA improvements

  • Multiple support point selection is now performed by holding a Control key, it used to be the Shift key. The rectangular selection is performed by holding a Shift key while dragging a mouse holding the left mouse button as before. This is consistent with the handling of the modifier keys on desktop operating systems. A new rectangular deselection mode is performed by holding an Alt key while dragging a mouse holding the left mouse button.
  • SLA gizmo newly provides a clipping plane to enable inspection and editing of supports inside folds and cavities of complex objects. The clipping plane is always kept parallel to the camera, and user may modify distance of the clipping plane from the camera. As of now, the holes in the support structures and in the pad opened by the clipping plane are not yet closed for visualization, though we are working on it #1950.
  • The default SLA support density was increased to 130% of the previous value (100% now works as 130% before). This makes the default supports a bit denser.
  • SLA slicer now allows for correction of expansion or shrinking of the print by applying scaling factors. The new scaling factors are defined at the Printer and Material profiles. In addition, a Gamma correction may be applied to the rasterized images to correct for non-linearities of the display and to correct for the non-linearities of the reaction of the resin to the light exposure #2114.
  • The "Optimize orientation" tool has been improved to try to fit the object into the printer build volume.
  • Slicing export has been optimized for speed.

Other improvements

  • Most icons were replaced with scalable designs, painted exclusively for Slic3r PE. We are still fine tuning contrast of these new icons in some desktop color schemes, so please be patient with us.
  • Copy / Paste now works on objects, parts and modifiers in the 3D scene and in the object list #2092.
  • Multiple objects are now selected in the 3D scene by holding a Control key, it used to be the Shift key. The new behavior is consistent with the selection in the object list, and the Shift key is reserved for a selection of objects by dragging a rectangle.
  • When loading a 3MF or an AMF file containing instances or modifiers, and the Simple mode is active, user is now asked whether he or she wants to cancel loading, or whether he or she wants to switch Slic3r to an Advanced mode, as there is no user interface provided in the Simple mode to control these advanced features.
  • The Plater is newly switched to the preview screen when the "Slice now" button is pressed.
  • Firmware uploader now supports flashing the new SLA Curing and Washing Machine.
  • Extruder can newly be assigned to a model from a 3D scene using object's pop up menu, and extruder can newly be assigned to a group of model volumes or modifiers using a pop up menu from the object list.
  • There is now a new logic for splitting all instances of an object into individual objects: Either drag and drop all instances of an object at the object list to an empty space, or use the pop up menu.
  • Custom bridging angle value is now applied even for infill areas, which are supported from one side only, therefore they were not considered to be bridges before.
  • Windows specific: A new --sw-renderer command line switch has been added to instruct Slic3r to load the MESA software renderer instead of a possibly buggy default OpenGL driver. In addition, the MESA software renderer is loaded by default if Slic3r is started over a Remote Desktop session #2068.
  • Project README was updated, build process documentation was improved, and a Wiki FAQ page was added, thanks @LF.

Bugs fixed

  • Compilation of a command line only Slic3r was restored. Command line only builds are compiled by giving a -DSLIC3R_GUI=no switch to cmake #1348.
  • Linux specific: Fixed crash in Gtk file chooser on some Linux distros when running Slic3r from an AppImage. The issue was caused by mixing two binary non compatible (sic!) libpng libraries. Now we do not bundle libpng anymore, therefore just the system library is loaded and the crash is gone #1703.
  • SLA and FDM slicing has been fixed for mirrored objects, also the Cut by plane did not work for mirrored objects and it is now fixed #1915.
  • After removing all but the last model part from an object, the extruder identifier and other parameter overrides are no more shown at the side bar for the last remaining model part, therefore these parameters are now copied up to the object level to become accessible #1931.
  • Linux specific: CMake build system now supports an option to choose a GTK version #1937.
  • Fixed importing of .AMF files with an undefined object position. Such objects were placed to a zero point of the print bed, they are now auto centered #1998.
  • Linux specific: Fixed assert error on startup #2003 #2005.
  • Fixed layout issues of Support and Infill drop-downs at the Plater on HiDPI displays #2014.
  • Fixed an issue, where the Platter infill and support controls erroneously reseted their respective values in a preset of a loaded project #2021.
  • Fixed side bar layout issues, where the vertical scroll bar sometimes covered content of the side panel #2029.
  • Fixed export of the .SL1 zip archive in case the project name contains non-Latin1 characters. The project name is now also used to name the files packed into the archive, and the project name is stored inside the archive meta data file #2036.
  • Fixed crashes on splitting of some broken models #2042, thanks @SijmenSchoon.
  • Improved scaling of the in the 3D scene dialogs (cut dialog, SLA gizmo dialog) #2043.
  • Fixed FFF layer view for sequential objects #2044.
  • OSX specific: Fixed Variable Layer Heigth cursor highlight in the 3D scene on Retina displays #2050.
  • Fixed "Repair from File menu doesn't save the file" #2064.
  • Fixed Variable Layer Height feature for non-zero rotations of an object #2073.
  • Fixed loss of selection when Place on Face gizmo was active and user clicked on another object #2081.
  • The M73 P100 is now exported at the end of the G-code to correctly convey the "finished print" state to the printer #2082.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the selection between the 3D scene and the object list. The 3D scene and the object list now both support either an instance selection mode or a part (or modifier) selection mode, where only parts of the same object instance could be selected jointly.
  • Fixed a missing update of the slicing back end after an attribute is deleted from an object or a modifier.
  • Fixed some issues of the SLA gizmo update when switching objects or instances.
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