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@bubnikv bubnikv released this May 15, 2019 · 236 commits to master since this release

PrusaSlicer PrusaSlicer 2.0.0-rc


This is a release candidate of PrusaSlicer 2.0.0 based on Slic3r. The PrusaSlicer 2.0.0-rc is a successor of the Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-beta2. Please see the change log of the 1.42.0-beta2 release for the complete change logs of the 1.42.0 series.

As the Slic3r Prusa Edition diverged from the original Slic3r significantly, we decided to rename the project to PrusaSlicer. The community used the Slic3r and Slic3r PE names pretty much interchangeably, which lead to confusion. For example bug reports and pull requests on Slic3r PE were being posted into the original Slic3r repository, and new users could mistakingly download upstream Slic3r and wonder why it looks different from the screen shots in the Prusa3D Handbook and why the Slic3r it not configured for their printer. PrusaSlicer is based on the Slic3r by Alessandro Ranellucci and the RepRap community, and we are proud of that heritage. While the two projects diverged, we believe developers of both projects will continue to exchange the source code and ideas.

New features with respect to Slic3r PE 1.42.0-beta2

  • Localization dictionaries were updated for Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish languages.
  • Newly installed PrusaSlicer will select the application language based on the operating system language.
  • PrusaSlicer now remembers the project name. The active project name is shown at the application title bar, and it is used by the "Save Project" / "Save Project as" menus. The active project name is cleared with the "New Project" menu or with the "Delete All" toolbar button.
  • Objects in the 3D scene may newly be selected with a rectangle tool by holding the Shift key and dragging the mouse with the left button pressed. If the Alt key is held instead, objects inside the drawn rectangle are being deselected.
  • The Scaling gizmo now supports anisotropic scaling at one end only by holding the Control key while dragging the gizmo manipulator. This tool is useful for moving walls of support blocker or enforcer cubes.
  • The Esc key in the 3D scene leaves the active gizmo. Newly if the Esc key is pressed for the second time, the 3D scene selection is cleared.
  • The Object Manipulation box at the side panel newly supports rotation and scaling of object instances in the World coordinate system. If the Simple mode is active, object instances are rotated and scaled in the World coordinate system only. For Advanced and Expert mode, the Object Manipulation box may be switched between the World and Local coordinate systems #1627 #1733.
  • The "Delete All" tool bar button now asks for confirmation.
  • The FDM "Supports" combo box at the Plater newly offers "For support enforcers only" choice.
  • The multi-material wipe tower is now respected by the Arrange function #1418.
  • The multi-material wipe tower can now be rotated by the Z axis with the rotation gizmo.
  • The multi-material wipe tower generator newly supports the RepRap firmware #1843.
  • The SLA gizmo newly provides a "Show hot keys" dialog to hint on the SLA gizmo specific hot keys.
  • The SLA clipping plane now rotates with the camera, and there is a new button at the SLA gizmo dialog to reset the clipping plane parallel to the camera.
  • The SLA clipping plane can now be moved by the Ctrl key + mouse wheel rotation.
  • It is now possible to export content of the Plater including the SLA support structures and pad into an STL file (menu File->Export->Export Plate as STL including supports) #1999.
  • The exclamation mark icon indicating model errors is newly shown at each model volume at the object list. The exclamation mark is also shown at the object information panel in simple mode. Clicking on the exclamation mark with the right mouse button sends the model to Netfabb service for fixing as usual (only on Windows 10).
  • The installation wizard was extended to generate explicit extrusion widths for the custom profile instead of zeros (zeros indicate the automagic defaults).
  • The Help menus "Prusa3D Drivers" and "PrusaSlicer Website" newly point to localized Prusa3D web pages (these will be filled in for the final release).
  • The software update notification dialogs now point to the localized release logs for the release quality software and presets (the localized change logs will be filled in for the final release). Notifications for the alpha, beta and release candidate releases will still point to the github releases page.
  • Format of the print statistics exported into the G-code was improved, so that it is easier to be parsed by scripts, especially if printing with multiple extruders. See the commit comment for details.
  • OSX specific: We now show a white set of menu icons at the main menu bar in dark mode.
  • OSX specific: The object list finally supports the usual hot keys (Backspace, Control-C, Control-V, Control-A).
  • Windows specific: The PrusaSlicer project file (.3MF) is newly associated with the PrusaSlicer application.
  • Windows specific: The menu icons are now properly scaled after the display resolution is changed.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed compilation of a command line only PrusaSlicer #1050.
  • Fixed wrong print time estimate for absolute extruder addressing #1380.
  • Fixed wxWidgets asserts on Linux at status line update #1770.
  • Fixed automatic extrusion width (when user enters "0" as the extrusion width value) #1803, thanks @supermerill.
  • Fixed a regression issue in the print validation code for sequential print #1911, thanks @supermerill.
  • OctoPrint upload now supports redirecting of post requests #2018.
  • Width of the Layer scroll bar was extended on Linux / GTK to fit the layer number #2108.
  • Fixed a Windows specific bug in wxWidgets, which broke entering of custom infill densities into the combo box at the Plater #2128.
  • Fixed compilation against wxWidgets 3.0.x to support building on Linux against the wxWidgets distributed by the distros #2168.
  • Fixed crash when switching the printer preset while the "Machine limits" parameter page was active #2197.
  • Fixed crash when deleting an object while the Layer Editing was active on it #2214.
  • Fixed excessive memory allocation during SLA slicing, often leading to "std::bad_alloc" error messages being emitted.
  • Fixed regression issue in setting high extruder current during MMU1 toolchange (was broken since 6da83c7).
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