Incorporate GeneratePryMan into pry. (continued from 785) #791

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rondale-sc commented Jan 2, 2013

See pull request history #785

The failing tests were caused by a date being set in the generated output that was hard set in the fixture.

Since generate_pry_man.rb writes the html/roff/ronn files to the man/generate_pry_man/templates/ dir and then moves them to the appropriate folder I adjusted the gitignore to prevent them from being tracked.

Also wrapped the entire spec file inside a conditional that prevents it from being run in jruby without causing the tests to prematurely exit (per @kyrylo's reccomendation)

Jonathan Jackson added some commits Dec 17, 2012

Jonathan Jackson Update man page with a Pry Commands section
Pry commands were listed using Pry version 0.9.10 on Ruby 1.9.3
Jonathan Jackson Incorporate generate_pry_man into pry. 28a43fe
Jonathan Jackson Add rake generate_man rake task. d47f3e8
Jonathan Jackson update man-pages 9aee82a
Jonathan Jackson Move instead of copy the generated files.
Renamed the method copy_to_man_dir to move_to_man_dir.  And changed the
Rakefile to call by new name.  This clears out 3 additional files per
Jonathan Jackson Update initialize hash to use old hash syntax. 774b191
Jonathan Jackson Update Gemfile to include ronn only in ruby environments
Also exclude tests from running in jruby since ronn has a dependency on
rdiscount (a c-extension).
Jonathan Jackson Lock ronn version to 0.7.3 ec0295c
Jonathan Jackson Properly prevent tests from running in jruby. Gsub dynamic data from
test strings.

Errors were caused by a header ronn puts which inserts the month and
year.  Simple solution was to gsub a dummy string in the tests that sets
the month and year to expectd values.
Jonathan Jackson Stop tracking html/roff/ronn files in templates dir. c381e56
Jonathan Jackson Update git ignore to ignore everything in templates except needed files b4e09b7
Jonathan Jackson Reposition rubyplatform conditonal to ensure ronn isn't loaded in jruby 6ee963b

rking commented Feb 8, 2013

Hey... did we have any reason not to merge this?


kyrylo commented Feb 8, 2013

It's a bit outdated now.

rking was assigned Apr 20, 2013


kyrylo commented Nov 21, 2013

It's vastly outdated now :D I'm still feeling sort of bad about not merging and resolving it in time. A proper, concise man page would be a nice addition to Pry.


rondale-sc commented Nov 22, 2013

@kyrylo There is already a man page that is sufficient I think. This was mostly to keep the man page up to date as Pry features changed.


kyrylo commented Nov 22, 2013

@rondale-sc, I remember we had one, however...

% man pry
No manual entry for pry

Do you have will or time to help fixing it? I think it should be succinct, just like our wiki page.


rondale-sc commented Nov 22, 2013

@kyrylo The current man page is meant to be used with gem-man

I'm sure there is an alternative, a way to make it work with the default man command I'm just not sure how. I think it would involve some intrusive path manipulation. Not sure though, maybe @rking can weigh in.

As far as writing up a succinct man page I'm totally on board / have some time just a matter of figuring out the best approach to getting it up and running.



kyrylo commented Nov 22, 2013

It looks like Rubygems isn't going to support the "classic" man pages. rubygems/rubygems#74


kyrylo commented Nov 25, 2013

Closed, because we decided to remove the page altogether. #1019

kyrylo closed this Nov 25, 2013

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