Setting up Rails or Heroku to use Pry

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This page will show you how to configure your Rails application to use Pry instead of IRB.

With the pry-rails plugin (Rails3, 4+ only) - recommended

This is a gem which causes rails console to open pry as well as integrating with the Rails framework to provide additional features to enhance your experience, such as commands like show-models, show-routes, and more!

Add this line to your gemfile:

gem 'pry-rails', :group => :development

bundle install and enjoy!

See the pry-rails project page for more information.

With Pry in your Gemfile.

  • Rails2
    ./script/console --irb=pry

  • Rails3
    Add the following as a initializer - it provides you with access to the entire Rails stack, and all the useful Rails3 console helpers. After the initializer is in place, you can go ahead and load the console normally using rails console.

MyApplication::Application.configure do
  # Use Pry instead of IRB
  silence_warnings do
      require 'pry'
      IRB = Pry
    rescue LoadError

Without Pry in your Gemfile.

to use pry with a rails application without adding a 'pry' dependency to your Gemfile you can copy&paste this code to $RAILS_APP/.pryrc. the helper methods rails provides to IRB(like reload!) are also made available inside pry. this works as a replacement to rails console or ./script/console but does not allow you to start pry at runtime inside a rails application. you can start pry with a rails app loaded at a shell by calling '$ pry' inside the working directory of a rails app.

rails = File.join Dir.getwd, 'config', 'environment.rb'
if File.exist?(rails) && ENV['SKIP_RAILS'].nil?
  require rails
  if Rails.version[0..0] == "2"
    require 'console_app'
    require 'console_with_helpers'
  elsif Rails.version[0..0] == "3"
    require 'rails/console/app'
    require 'rails/console/helpers'
    warn "[WARN] cannot load Rails console commands (Not on Rails2 or Rails3?)"

A minor fix needed on Rails 3.2+

You may find that the console helpers (reload! et al.) are missing from pry in Rails 3.2+ if you are not using the pry-rails gem. As a workaround, add something like this to your .pryrc:

if defined?(Rails) && Rails.env
  extend Rails::ConsoleMethods

With ~/.irbrc file

This approach simply piggy-backs on IRB. If you're using a Gemfile, you should add gem 'pry', :group => :development to it.

This technique is discussed in more depth here.

  • Just add the lines below into your ~/.irbrc file.
  require "pry"
rescue LoadError => e
  warn "=> Unable to load pry"

On Heroku

Heroku users with Rails apps, do not need to do this, this method is reserved for people using Sinatra or EM as their framework. For Rails you simply need to add pry-rails and pry to your Gemfile, bundle install and then push and run heroku run console and it will load pry with your Rails environment as expected since Heroku can detect Rails apps and is designed to work well with them

Heroku w/ a Sinatra or EM app.

To convince Heroku to use Pry as the console instead of IRB add gem 'pry' to your Gemfile and create a file called pry with.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# To launch push this into your Git then do:
# heroku run console pry
# heroku console pry
require 'pry'

After you have the above, commit it and push it, and then you can do heroku run console pry If you would like to shortcut it (because you are forgetful or otherwise) you can create a file called heroku in your home folder bin (make sure to change the path to your gem bin unless you are on Ubuntu 11.04+ or Debian unstable+) with the following:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# chmod +x
set -e

if [ "$2" == "console" ]; 
  exec /usr/local/bin/heroku run console pry
  /usr/local/bin/heroku $@

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