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Accept duration parameter in TeamCity-TestFinished #6

mwrock opened this Issue · 1 comment

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According to TeamCity's documentation, the testFinished service message can take a duration attribute that specifies the amount of time a test has taken:

##teamcity[testFinished name='testname' duration='<test_duration_in_milliseconds>']

The current teamcity.psm1 only accepts the name attribute. While that certainly satisfies most cases and will cause TeamCity to measure the time by the span between the testStarted and testFinished messages, I recently had a need for this where I spawned concurrent jobs to hit http endpoints and then come back with results. Each job tracked the time taken within its own thread.

I modified the function to optionally take a duration parameter. Pull request coming...

@mwrock mwrock referenced this issue from a commit in mwrock/psake-contrib
@mwrock mwrock re issue #6 Accept duration parameter in TeamCity-TestFinished c67c2b2

Looks like this issue was closed, via the merged Pull Request, so going to close it.


@gep13 gep13 closed this
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