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General Sound firmware
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#General Sound firmware

This is an original firmware sources for well known sound card for ZX Spectrum.

##Bug fixes

Original firmware from 1997 was a little buggy. There are a few bugs was fixed in 2007 (see firmware/gs105a.txt also) and in 2015 (see firmware/gs105b.txt also):

  • Modules with more than 63 patterns;
  • Wrong speed of the last played note;
  • Wrong sample speed;
  • Unnecessary first playing note report;
  • New command added: #6A - Set player mode (skip module stop command);
  • New command added: #6B - Turn on sample relooper;
  • Stop playing looped sample if 9xx command has wrong offset;
  • Redundant change sample sign operation;
  • (opt.) Skip intensive RAM test on reset.

The fixes are made as binary patches, so all routines are still in their places.

##Test files

test_data directory contains a few modules which original ROM 1.04 cannot play correctly. ROM 1.05b fixes this.

##Known issues

Samples with short loops (less than 1024 bytes) are still playing incorrectly. Use relooper to fix this.


(c)1997, Stinger.

Bug fixes: psb,

relooper: Evgeny Muchkin.

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