This is an effort to create a KDE Plasmoid that integrates the main Activities, Virtual Desktops and Tasks Functionalities from Plasma Desktop in just one component.
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This is the plasmoid version derived from the WorkFlow project. The project is trying to enhance every user's unique workflow by combining existing technologies from Plasma.


To build and install:


sudo sh


mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
sudo make install

Important Notice

If you upgrade from previous versions then you must make a restart in order for the workarea manager to start and make the needed changes.


Before you install version 0.4.0 and later you must completely uninstall previous versions (0.2.x - 0.3.x) If you had made an installation from source using the previous steps then an easy way to uninstall is to enter the build directory inside the plasmoid source directory and run:

sudo make uninstall


kdebase4-workspace-devel >= 4.9
libkdecore4-devel >= 4.9
libkactivities-devel >= 4.9
libkde4-devel >= 4.9