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This project is no longer in development and is now archived. Anyone that wants to continue work on this project is welcome in their own fork, but repo is no longer accepting pull requests, considering any issues, anwswering questions, or offering support. WYSIWYG.



A background service that manages multiple PSMove Controllers and PS3 Eye Cameras. Clients connect to the service and stream PSMove Controller state (position, orientation and button presses). A visual client front-end is used for controller/tracker configuration. The FAQ is a good starting point for any specific questions you may have about the project.

PSMoveSteamVRBridge Client

If you want to use PSMove controllers in SteamVR, please check out the PSMoveSteamVRBridge github page. The existing steamvr support moved into this project.

Prebuilt Releases

You can download prebuilt releases (Windows only at the moment) from the Releases page. Then follow the initial setup instructions found in the wiki.

Building from source

If you want to make modifications to the service or want to debug it, you can build the project from source by following the Building-from-source instructions. Currently supported build platforms are Win10 and OS X with Linux support hopefully coming in the near future.


  • General setup guides, troubleshooting and design docs can be found on the wiki
  • Documentation for the code is hosted on codedocs (In Progress)

Getting Help

Please start with the wiki. If you can't find help with your problem then please search through the issues (especially the closed ones) to see if your problem has been addressed already. If you still find no previous mention of your problem then you have one of two options:

A) Join us in the the PSMoveService Google Group to ask your question. There are several people there who have experience debugging problems with the PSMoveService.

B) If your problem actually is a new bug and you have files to attach (logs, pictures, etc) then go ahead and create a new issue. That said, it's probably best to start with the Google Group first anyway since we can help add context before posting an issue.

Near Term Goals

  • Improved Developer Documentation
  • Ongoing Stabilization of service
  • Better position smoothing and prediction (via Unscented Kalman Filter)

Long Term Goals

  • Support for other webcams (need camera calibration tool)
  • Better DualShock4 Controller Tracking
  • PS4 Camera Support
  • Integration with PSMove-UE4
  • Integration with PSMove-Unity5
  • Linux support
  • Integration with OSVR

Attribution and Thanks

Special thanks to the following people who helped make this project possible:

  • Thomas Perl and his psmoveapi project which laid the groundwork for this project.
  • Alexander Nitsch and his work on psmove-pair-win that enabled psmove controller pairing over Bluetooth on Windows. Alex also did nearly all of the investigation into the PSMove communication protocol.
  • Eugene Zatepyakin and his PS3EYEDriver project which enabled access to the PS3Eye camera.
  • Ritesh Oedayrajsingh Varma and his work on PS3EYEDriver enabling improved camera polling performance (consistent 60fps)
  • Frédéric Lopez and his work on PS-Move-Setup that enabled co registration of and HMD with the PSMove.
  • Greg New - Improvements to the SteamVR plugin and config tool
  • YossiMH - Improvements to touch pad mappings and help with the HMD/Controller alignment tool
  • William (zelmon64) - Many improvements to config tool UX, beta testing, and troubleshooting hero
  • Antonio Jose Ramos Marquez - Work on PS4EyeDriver and PSX hardware reverse engineering