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Litter - Microblogging for the LAN

Litter is a microblogging service designed for the local area network. It uses IP multicasting to send updates to other nodes that is reacheable via multicast (typically a LAN, or a multicast-supporting VPN). It listens on one or more network interfaces defined by the user at startup. The service is accessed through a web interface at It currently runs on Linux and Windows.


On Linux, provide the name of the network interface to listen on with the -i option.

    python -i eth0

Litter also supports multiple interfaces

    python -i eth0 -i wlan0

You can also specify a user id

    python -i eth0 -n myid

You can also change the TCP port for the web interface

    python -i eth0 -n myid -p 8080

On Windows, after you install the Python, go to the src folder and double-click on

To access the web interface, open the browser to


Public domain for now.