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Pubstandards London

How to add Substandards events, or more PS event details

Open ps_data.json, add a new entry for the event - the format is fairly self-documenting.

If you're adding more information about an event, just use the same date as the automatically generated one and specify the fields you want to override. Look at PS C and PS LXVI for examples.

How to hack on this website

  • Check out the repository
  • make init
  • make reqs
  • make
  • Open a browser to http://localhost:5000
  • Hack away!
  • Prod a PS regular (Norm, James, Jonty, etc) for commit access, or fork
  • Commit, open a pull request, then prod someone else to check it before merging

The code and templates will live reload, and Flask will drop you into a lovely interactive exception inspector if you do a bad.


Flask app for the PS london website



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