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Pulse Engineering

Pulse Engineering

Python 0 1


forked from gregbayer/python-threading-utils

Some helpers for working with threads in Python. Useful for doing threaded work in Google App Engine with Python 2.7.

Updated March 12, 2013

Python 0 2


forked from gregbayer/django-piston-extended-utils

Helper functions that extend the django piston response utilities.

Updated March 12, 2013

Python 1 2


forked from gregbayer/logcatcher

Efficient and scalable logging system based on Scribe and Tornado

Updated March 12, 2013

Java 1 9


forked from gregbayer/gae-boilerpipe

Simple implementation of modified Boilerpipe parser on Google App Engine

Updated March 12, 2013

Python 2 7


forked from gregbayer/gae-livecount

Fast and simple implementation of real-time counters for Google App Engine.

Updated March 12, 2013

Objective-C 2 11


forked from alphonsolabs/Operations-Demo

Demo project for managing asynchronous NSURLConnection downloads using NSOperations and NSOperationQueues

Updated March 12, 2013

Python 1 21


forked from gregbayer/django-piston-two-legged-oauth

Simple 2-legged OAuth connector for django piston.

Updated March 12, 2013

Python 1 13


forked from gregbayer/gae-python-gcm

Python-based Google Cloud Messaging backend for App Engine.

Updated March 12, 2013

JavaScript 4 51


forked from thinkpixellab/tilesjs

A simple JavaScript library for creating tile-based edge-to-edge layouts. Built on jQuery.

Updated August 08, 2012

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