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Puppet Tasks Hands-on Lab

This repository is deprecated. The source for the Bolt website now lives at puppetlabs/bolt.


This repository contains a step-by-step introduction to Bolt and to the Puppet Tasks ecosystem. It's designed to be followed in order, with each exercise introducing the basic concepts. If you complete all of the exercises you should be well on your way to understanding how you can use Bolt and Puppet Tasks to help manage your infrastructure.


These exercises will help you get Bolt installed and make sure you have a few nodes to target with tasks and commands.

  1. Installing Bolt
  2. Acquiring nodes


These step through the basic functionality of Puppet Tasks and focus on simple commands you can copy and paste.

  1. Running Commands
  2. Running Scripts
  3. Writing Tasks
  4. Downloading and running existing Tasks
  5. Writing Plans
  6. Writing advanced Tasks
  7. Writing advanced Plans
  8. Deploying an Application

Self-Paced Training

Learn to run tasks everywhere you need them, when you need them. Our free, online self-paced training gets you up and running with the open-source task runner Bolt and Puppet Tasks for Puppet Enterprise.

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