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JoshMoreno commented Nov 25, 2019

When our team is logging hours for a project, it's useful to easily see who logged what. Currently, the only way to see what time log belongs to what user that I can find is in the csv export. Having to export is a huge pain though.

A workaround is to put our names in the description, but when it comes time to bill, we have to do some cleanup. So...

Can we get this added to the projects time

MrPike commented Jan 19, 2020

General information

App version: v2.2.5 (107)
System: Android 9

Feature request

First, thank you to all contributors for developing this fantastic application.

I would like to propose the introduction of native TextBundle support within Markor. TextBundle is a relatively simple and open specification that has good adoption amongst other note-taking ap

aleprovencio commented Feb 19, 2018

Hello, lately I can't successfully vdirsyncer sync my calendars because of a
database is locked error. Synchronization works fine with android's davdroid which talks with the same server.

Your vdirsyncer version: 0.16.4
If applicable, which server software (and which version) you're using: Nextcloud 13
Your Python version: 3.6.4
Your operating system: Arch linux
Relevant debug outpu

SeppPenner commented Apr 7, 2019

I would recommend to separate the changelog from the user documentation in the readme. Why? Because nobody wants to scroll down to the documentation while reading all the changes made from version 0.x to version 3.x. I would recommend to make a new file called in the main folder or something and link it from the file.

stefano-b commented Jan 8, 2020

Currently, in .todo files, there is an option, accessible through the right click menu, to "archive" completed tasks; the items are put in the Archive: list.

I think it would be useful to also have an option, when right clicking on a single item on the Archive: list, to "unarchive" it and put it back at the bottom of the list it came from (that is already displayed in parentheses in the `

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