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⬆️ Hey! Want to migrate from v3.x to v4.x? Check our migration guide, done with :heart

pure github-ci-badge fish-3

Pretty, minimal and fast Fish 🐟 prompt, ported from zsh.

Pure with dark colorscheme Pure with light colorscheme

🚀 Install

⚠️ requirements: fish ≥3.x


fisher install pure-fish/pure


Via cURL:

# Download the installer to `/tmp`
curl --output /tmp/ --location --silent
# Source and trigger the installer
source /tmp/; and install_pure


Fully customizable (colors, symbols and features):

  • Excellent prompt character :
    • Change to red when previous command has failed ;
    • Start prompt with current working directory 🏴 ;
    • Compact-mode (single-line prompt) 🏴 ;
  • Display current directory tail ;
  • check for new release on start 🏴 ;
  • Display username and hostname when in an SSH session ;
  • Display command duration when longer than 5 seconds ;
  • Display Python virtualenv when activated ;
  • Display VI mode and custom symbol for non-insert mode 🏴 ;
  • Show system time 🏴 ;
  • Show number of running jobs 🏴 ;
  • Prefix when root 🏴 ;
  • Display git branch name 🏴 ;
    • Display * when git repository is dirty ;
    • Display when git repository is stashed ;
    • Display when branch is ahead (commits to push) ;
    • Display when branch is behind (commits to pull) ;
    • Async update when configured with fish-async-prompt ;
  • Update terminal title with current folder and command ;
  • Detect when running in a container

🏴: Enabled or disabled via a feature flag.

🖌️ Configuration

You can tweak pure behavior and color by changing universal variables either directly in the terminal or in your, e.g.:

set --universal pure_show_system_time true
set --universal pure_color_system_time pure_color_mute

Prompt Symbol

Option Default Description
pure_symbol_git_dirty * Repository is Dirty (uncommitted/untracked changes).
pure_symbol_git_stash Repository git stash status.
pure_symbol_git_unpulled_commits Branch is behind upstream (commits to pull).
pure_symbol_git_unpushed_commits Branch is ahead upstream (commits to push).
pure_symbol_prefix_root_prompt # Prefix prompt when logged in as root.
pure_symbol_prompt Prompt symbol.
pure_symbol_reverse_prompt VI non-insert mode symbol.
pure_symbol_title_bar_separator - Separator in terminal's windows title.

ℹ️ Need safer git symbols?

🔌 Features' Flags

Option Default Description
pure_begin_prompt_with_current_directory true true: pwd git, SSH, duration.
false: SSH pwd git, duration.
pure_check_for_new_release false true: check repo for new release (on every shell start)
pure_enable_git true Show info about Git repository.
pure_enable_container_detection true false: Do not check if run in container (e.g. docker, podman, LXC/LXD, etc.).
⚠️ Detection is a bit tricky across OSes.
pure_enable_single_line_prompt false true: Compact prompt as a single line
pure_reverse_prompt_symbol_in_vimode true true: indicate a non-insert mode.
false: indicate vi mode with [I], [N], [V].
pure_separate_prompt_on_error false Show last command exit code as a separate character.
pure_show_jobs false Show Number of running jobs
pure_show_prefix_root_prompt false true: shows prompt prefix when logged in as root.
pure_show_subsecond_command_duration false Show subsecond (ex. 1.5s) in command duration.
pure_show_system_time false true: shows system time before the prompt symbol (as %H:%M:%S).
pure_threshold_command_duration 5 Show command duration when above this value (seconds).

🎨 Colours

ℹ️ See set_color documentation for full possibilities.

⚠️ The absence of $ sign is expected in pure_ named colours.

Base Color Inherited by Default
pure_color_danger pure_color_prompt_on_error red
pure_color_dark black
pure_color_info pure_color_git_unpulled_commits
pure_color_light pure_color_username_root white
pure_color_mute pure_color_git_branch
pure_color_normal pure_color_jobs normal
pure_color_primary pure_color_current_directory blue
pure_color_success pure_color_prompt_on_success magenta
pure_color_warning pure_color_command_duration yellow

👍 Contribute

requirements: docker (isolate from your environment)

Specify the FISH_VERSION you want, and the CMD executed by the container:

make build-pure-on FISH_VERSION=3.3.1
make dev-pure-on FISH_VERSION=3.3.1 CMD="fishtape tests/*"

👨‍💻 Maintainer

👏 Thanks

🏛️ License