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This adds autocomplete for WordPress functions, hooks and constants for Sublime Text 2
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WordPress Sublime Text 2

Autocomplete for WordPress Functions, Hooks, Constants, Classes. Also some Snippets for WordPress Boilerplate.

Please note this has been merged into the official Sublime text WordPress plugin.

You can auto-update via sublime, the plugin is here:


Autocomplete for:

WP version : 3.7.0

Functions          : 1734
Hooks              : 1434
Constants/Classes  :  191

Deprecated functions (219) have been removed 😺

This version also adds the ability for the first "tab" to delete ALL parameters instead of having to tab through each one, which is super useful:

  • First Tab-->Select all parameters
  • Each Tab Thereafter-->Selects each individual parameter or block


Snippets are slowly being added, to call a snippet you use the same function name, the autocomplete will show an "ALL Options" selection. For example to register a custom post type you would write register_post...

Current Snippets:

  • plugin : Creates plugin boilerplate
  • WP_Query : Creates new WP_Query class
  • wp_enqueue : Creates wp_enqueue function
  • register_post_type : Register Post Type All Options
  • register_sidebar : Register Taxonomy All Options
  • register_taxonomy : Register Taxonomy All Options
  • wp_nav_menu : wp_nav_menu All Options


Sublime won't autocomplete PHP files when there is no closing ?> tags , so in "Preferences-->Settings-User" add this snippet:

"auto_complete_selector": "source, text",


Custom parser for grabbing data from WP core.

Some hooks/functions have duplicated names throughout the WP code-base, so it is necessarily to tab through the options for some autocompletes, typically the function(s) are first followed by the hooks.

Hooks names which start as a variable have been removed, for example do_action($page_hook), there are not many in WP and there is no great way to add them to Sublime.

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