Custom SilverStripe tweaks to keep things tidy.
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Purple Spider Web Design Custom SilverStripe Tweaks


This module contains many of the custom tweaks that I make to every SilverStripe site I do.

While it is possible to disable specific tweaks by removing the individual extension, you probably don't want to use this module as is. Partly becase it automatically sets the SilverStripe Help link to my custom help site. However, please do take a look around and steal anything you may find useful!

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  • Silverstripe 3.1+


  • CMSHelpLink: Sets the CMS help link to my custom built SilverStripe Help site.
  • HideErrorPage: Hides error pages from the Add New page list.
  • HideUserDefinedForm: Hides UserDefinedForm from the Add New page list.
  • HideVirtualPage: Hides the VirtualPage type from the Add New page list.
  • ImageAlignmentDefaults: Reverts the default aligment of an inserted image back to "On the left, with text wrapping around".
  • ImageFunctions: Provides extra Image functions such as setMaxWidth & setMaxHeight.
  • MemberTidy: Hides ofen unused Member fields such as Time & Date format.
  • PageHideExtraMetaData: Hides MetaKeywords and ExtraMeta fields.
  • PageSettingsHidePermissions: Hides Page permission fields such as CanViewType and CanEditType
  • PageSettingsHideSearch: Hides the ShowInSearch settings field.
  • SinglePageOnly: Can to applied to a page type, so only 1 can be created. Useful for keeping the Add New page type list tidy.
  • CannotCreatePage: Apply this extension to page types that you don't want non-admin users to be able to create.
  • StaticPublisherUpdateHomepage: Updates the cache of the Homepage upon write (requires StaticPublisher module)
  • StaticPublisherUpdateAll: Updates full pages cache upon write (requires StaticPublisher module)
  • BlockPageDelete: Disables ability to delete a page that extends this. Applied to HomePage by default.

Page Types

  • FirstChildRedirect: Automatically redirects to the first child of the page. Useful for top level pages with no content of their own.



  • Default Paste as Plain Text: Makes Past as Plain text in TinyMCE turned on by default. Useful to avoid all those stray tags caused by clients pasting from Word.
  • Disable TinyMCE Icons: Disables useless icons such as underline, and broken Spell Checker.
  • Simple HTMLEditor Config: For use with nathancox/customhtmleditorfield. Lets you assign a simplified set of icons to certain WYSIWYG fields.
  • Custom Better Buttons Config File: With "Save & Close" and "Save & Add" buttons for Create, and "Save & Close" and "Save & Next" for Edit.
  • Set Admin Email: Set's the Admin Email address to a noreply address for the current domain. Better than no address at all, which can result in forgotten password e-mails flagged as spam.


  • Hides Error Pages: Hides error pages from the site tree.
  • Differentiate Hidden Pages: Pages that have "Show in menus?" unchecked, are grey in the site tree.
  • Dashboard Color Tweak: Tweaks the background colour of widgets in Unclecheese's Dashboard module, to match rest of CMS color scheme better.
  • UploadField Alignment Tweak: Aligns UploadFields to the right of their label, instead of below it, to match nearly all other field types!
  • Hide Disabled Pages from Add New: Pages that can't be created are now hidden from the Add page list, rather than being greyed out.
  • Align HTMLEditorFields with Standard Fields: Allows you to align select HTMLEditorFields with standard fields, rather than them always being full width. Simply add ->addExtraClass('nofullwidth')


  • Changes the wording and format of the forgotten password e-mail to make it a bit friendlier.
  • Sets font to sans-serif


  • SilverStripe Optimised Image: Automatically runs any image resampled by SilverStripe through jpegoptim, optipng etc. (Thanks to @HeyDay !)