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Sample app using pushlink CUSTOM strategy to perform background updates

Background updates synonyms:

  • Installing apk without user interaction
  • Silent updates
  • Zero-touch updates
  • KIOSK apps
  • POS - Point of Sale apps
  • Dedicated devices
  • COSU - Corporate Owned Single Use devices


  • This only works in devices running Android 6 (Marshmallow, API 23) or higher
  • This sample requires the app to be a device owner. Device owner is NOT device admin.
  • There must be just one device owner and it can't be unset without factory reset.
  • Setting a device owner requires an unprovisioned device. In other words: a device without accounts, like google account, etc.
  • Bottom line: Use an emulator or a test-born device before releasing it to production


  1. Clone and replace the string "yourApiKey" in the
  2. Build a signed APK and upload it to Pushlink
  3. Deploy the APK you just uploaded and after execute:
adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.pushlink.background/.PushlinkAdminReceiver
  1. Make some visible change (like hello world NEW) and run again
  2. Wait and see the magic happen



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