Automatically validates forms and prevents spam bots from submitting to your site in Craft CMS.
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Snaptcha Plugin for Craft CMS 3

Snaptcha is an invisible CAPTCHA that automatically validates forms and prevents spam bots from submitting to your Craft CMS site.

Snaptcha (Simple Non-obtrusive Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) will validate all POST requests to the front-end of your site, meaning that it will work with any form and any plugin. Note that since this will affect all POST requests, you must add the required template tag before enabling validation (see usage below).

Upgrades from Snaptcha v1 for Craft CMS 2 purchased through StraightUpCraft are free! To get your license, please send your original purchase receipt to


This plugin requires a commercial license which can be purchased through the Craft Plugin Store. The license fee is $29 plus $9 per subsequent year for updates (optional).


Craft CMS 3.0.0 or later.


To install the plugin, search for "Snaptcha" in the Craft Plugin Store, or install manually using composer.

    composer require putyourlightson/craft-snaptcha


After installing the plugin, go to the plugin settings page. Snaptcha validation is disabled by default so that you can first add the required template tag to your forms. Once you have done this you can enable Snaptcha validation.

Add the following template tag to every form that submits a POST request to your site. This will output a hidden input field along with some JavaScript code.

{{ craft.snaptcha.field }}      // Outputs a hidden input field

If you are submitting a POST request through AJAX then you can get the field name and value as follows.

{{ craft.snaptcha.fieldName }}       // Outputs the name of the field

{{ craft.snaptcha.fieldValue }}      // Outputs the value of the field

You can optionally use the getField and getFieldValue methods to pass in configuration values that will override the default values in the plugin settings.

{% set config = {expirationTime: 60, minimumSubmitTime: 3} %}

{{ craft.snaptcha.getField(config) }}         // Outputs a hidden input field

{{ craft.snaptcha.getFieldValue(config) }}    // Outputs the value of the field

Enabling the One Time Key setting will restrict the number of times that a form can be submitted to one time per page refresh. This is a strong security measure and is recommended for low to medium traffic sites. For high traffic sites, disabling this will prevent the database table that the plugin uses from getting too big.


Disabling Validation

Validation can be disabled by specifying URI patterns to exclude. Adding a property called $enableSnaptchaValidation to any controller class and setting it to false will disable validation when the actions in that class are called.

class WebhookController extends Controller
   * @var bool Disable Snaptcha validation
  public $enableSnaptchaValidation = false;

Testing Snaptcha

If you want to test or see how Snaptcha works on your site then navigate to one of your forms, open your browser's inspector and delete the input field that Snaptcha inserted. It will usually be inside your form's markup and will have an ID that begins with the prefix in your extension settings (snaptcha by default). After deleting the input field, submit the form and the error message from your plugin settings should appear.

Created by PutYourLightsOn.