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krichter722 commented Apr 19, 2020

🚀 Feature request

Current Behavior

The type ErrorMessage doesn't have an id property.

Desired Behavior

It'd be nice id?: string would be added to the type ErrorMessage and set on the outermost component that serves as error message.

Suggested Solution

Add id={} to the outer component in ErrorMessage.

Who does this impact? Who is this

Leopere commented Oct 9, 2019!/?view.left=1&view.right=0 readability needs to be possible almost universally ideally. This means avoiding all caps strings in titles as screen readers read every letter and other nonsense like this however the first and foremost concern is just simply that we ship with a default that is visible for our sighted users who may have issues with color blindness

pb-jeff-oneill commented Oct 18, 2019

The Flask-WTF docs state:

When CSRF validation fails, it will raise a CSRFError.

However, this appears to only be true, if this optional code has been used:

from flask_wtf.csrf import CSRFProtect
csrf = CSRFProtect(app)

When that code is not used, forms are created by subclassing FlaskForm, and CSRF validation fails, then validate_on_submit returns False instead of raisi

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