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Change PVPGN_VERSION to "" from "".
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Changes Since

  • Added debug information to crash dumps
  • Generate .pdb files for d2cs and d2dbs
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Removed deprecated options from bnet.conf for Windows platorms
  • Fixed bug that prevented clients using an older login system from connecting #354
  • Added version check entries for StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War 1.17.0 and 1.18.0 #217 #361
  • Added ad000002.smk
  • Fixed /games command to hide private games when hide_pass_games option is true #353
  • Admins can now view private games via /games all even when hide_pass_games is true #353
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Changes Since

  • Added WAR3 versioncheck entries for 1.28, 1.28.1, and 1.28.2
  • Added W3XP versioncheck entries for 1.28, 1.28.1, 1.28.2, 1.28.4, and 1.28.5
  • Increased size of database colums
    • auth_lock: 1 to 6
    • auth_mute: 1 to 6
    • acct_lastlogin_owner: 16 to 128
    • W3XP_iconstash: 256 to 1024
    • W3XP_iconstash: 256 to 1024
    • SEXP_iconstash: 256 to 1024
  • Added support for Diablo 2 Hardcore game types
  • Fixed bugs in the Windows GUI
  • Fixed randomization of ad banners
  • Set ad banners to display sequentially if client supports it
  • Fixed PG search crash caused by prematurely freeing memory
  • Change versioncheck configuration file to use JSON format
  • Removed skip_versioncheck, version_exeinfo_match, and version_exeinfo_maxdiff options
  • Prevent reading and writing of bnet\acct\verifier, bnet\acct\salt, and bnet\username through the /set command
  • Removed cdb file driver support
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Changes Since 1.99.7-PRO

  • All SQL queries are now logged in trace level
  • Fixed bug when loading SQL tables into memory
  • Fixed crash when saving gamelist into a status file
  • German translations
  • Windows platforms now produces a dump when crashing
  • Fixed compile error on FreeBSD 10
  • Fixed channel topic text from cutting off at 128 characters
  • Improved Russian translations
  • Improved FindMySQL.cmake
  • Fixed crash when fetching ladder list
  • Fixed file encoding for WarCraft 2 to use codepage 1251 instead of UTF-8
  • Ad banners may now be in PNG format
  • Prevent icon switch hack
  • Prevent creating accounts using a reserved filename as the username (accounts previously created will be locked)
  • Non-ASCII symbols can now be used in passwords for WC3 accounts
  • Fixed compile error on Windows when MFC is not installed
  • Fixed compilation error when using Visual Studio 2015
  • Raised minimum compiler versions: >=Visual Studio 2015, >=G++ 4.8
  • Raised minimum CMake version to 3.1.0
  • Fixed non-ISO C++ conforming code
  • Uncommented 'max_accounts' in bnetd.conf
  • Fixed compile error on FreeBSD 10.2 with Clang 3.4.1
  • Added WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos 1.27a and WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne 1.27a VersionCheck entries
  • Ad banners configuration is now in JSON format (see docs/ for more information)
  • Fixed OS version detection on Windows platforms
  • Use new CheckRevision files that are digitally signed
  • Improved overall compilation speed
  • Fixed numerous memory leaks and other code that may cause undefined behavior
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The project is still in development — stay tuned and report any bugs!

Do not download code from this outdated tag. Use master tag.

Build you own binaries from the latest code using Magic Builder or download the latest automated build (for Windows)

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PvPGN v1.99-SVN


The latest code that was taken from official repository from where we started to develop a PRO edition.

Windows RAR package contains:

  • MySQL 5.5.21
  • PGSQL 9.1.2
  • SQLite 3.7.10
  • ODBC 3.8
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The latest stable official release from team.

  • MySQL 5.0.77
  • MySQL 5.1.31
  • SQLITE 3.6.11
  • ODBC 3.52