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PyBites Code Challenges

Every Monday we release a code challenge on our blog. On Friday we publish one or more solutions.

The goal is to have us and our readers work on the solution during the week.

To keep it simple we don't accept pull-requests at this time. Just fork the repo (at the top of this page) and work on your solution locally.

To have the tests pass import the right module, do this when you have a local clone of the fork:

$ cd <challenge_number> 
$ cp name-template
# code ...

If you want to share your solution just share your commit link in the comments of our Friday review post. (Monday post = questions / Friday post = solutions + reflection).

Check this link how to keep your fork in sync with our repo.

Remember, we don't strive for the 'best' solution, it's not a competition. We do of course strive to have good Pythonic solutions so any feedback is welcome, but do respect the newby / learner. Again, learning more + better Python is the main objective. We believe fixing code challenges is a very effective way to achieve this.

Have fun!

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

Bob and Julian from PyBites