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My notes for the various conferences I attend.
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Latest commit d670573 @pydanny Uploading notes
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AngularJS moar
DjangoCon2009 Moar talks in
DjangoCon2010 PloneConf 2007 and moar DjangoCon 2010
DjangoCon2011 Adding a caching pattern I invented
DjangoConEurope2012 fix bad URL
DjangoConEurope2013 Added Hamish Downer's notes to DjangoConEurope2013!!!
GoogleAppsScriptsHackathon moar
JSLA moar
KiwiPycon2011 tweak
LADjango moar
LAHackNight moar
PloneConf2007 Lots of nice cleanups
PyCodeConf2011 Fixing some code examples
PyConPL2012 updating
PyLadies new files
Pycon2008 Note
Pycon2009 Notes on a talk
Pycon2010 Adding Django i18n to the toctree
Pycon2011 moar
Pycon2012 Fixing some code examples
Pycon2013 moar
PyconAU2011 Adding PyCon PL
PyconPH2012 moar
SCALE10x Update example so it's all foo3
SCALE9x moar
WomenInEngineering Add JSLA for today
django13webinar Small reindenting, fixed a buch of headlines
django_master_class Notes from the 2009 Django master class by Jacob Kaplan-Moss
europython2013 Updating
lamigrahack2012 moar
leanstartup2012 moar
mongodbla2011 moar
mongodbla2012 correct limits.conf example from my slides
ploneconf2008 Yet another field
sfv-developers adding spire links
socalpiggies moar
.gitignore Working in yet more notes
Makefile getting my basic notes in
README.rst Adding links to the live noting blog post Remove the version stuff that makes no sense anymore.
index.rst Uploading notes
make.bat getting my basic notes in
twisted.rst Uploading notes


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