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from UnitTest import UnitTest
import sys
name = 'Name'
prototype = 'Prototype'
call = 'Call'
apply = 'Apply'
constructor = 'Constructor'
class Foo:
a = 1
b = [1,2]
name = "Foo"
label = "label"
def __init__(self, v):
self.v = v
def getV(self):
return self.v
def call(self, name):
name = name.upper()
prototype =
apply =
return (name, prototype, apply,
def do(self):
return 'do'
def delete_me(self):
class AttributeTest(UnitTest):
def testHasattr(self):
self.assertEqual(hasattr(self, "getName"), True,
"AttrTest should have method 'getName'")
self.assertEqual(hasattr(self, "blah"), False,
"AttrTest has no method 'getName'")
self.assertEqual(hasattr("", "find"), True,
"str should have method 'find', bug #483")
self.assertEqual(hasattr(1.0, "real"), True,
"float should have attribute 'real', bug #483")
self.assertEqual(hasattr(1, "real"), True,
"int should have attribute 'real', bug #483")
def testGetattr(self):
func = getattr(self, "getName")
self.assertEqual(func(), "AttributeTest",
"getattr does not return correct value'")
self.assertEqual(getattr(Foo, 'name'),
'Foo', "attribute mapping, bug #521")
self.assertEqual(1, getattr(Foo, "notthere", 1))
foo = Foo(1)
self.assertEqual(foo.v, getattr(foo, "v"))
self.assertEqual(getattr(foo, "v"), getattr(foo, "v"))
# test on none object type
self.assertEqual(getattr(1, 'x', 2), 2)
self.assertEqual(getattr(None, 'x', 2), 2)
self.assertEqual(1, getattr(foo, "vv"))
except AttributeError, e:
self.assertEqual(e.__class__.__name__, 'AttributeError')
return"No AttributeError raised")
def testSetAttr(self):
f1 = Foo(1)
self.assertEqual(f1.getV(), 1)
f2 = Foo(2)
self.assertEqual(f2.getV(), 2)
f3 = Foo(3)
self.assertEqual(f3.getV(), 3)
# bound method
setattr(f1, "getV", getattr(f2, "getV"))
self.assertEqual(f1.getV(), 2)
# unbound method
setattr(f1, "getV", f3.getV) # reeallly need to have __getattr__
self.assertEqual(f1.getV(), 3)
def testDelAttr(self):
foo = Foo(1)
self.assertEqual(hasattr(foo, "v"), True)
delattr(foo, "v")
self.assertEqual(hasattr(foo, "v"), False)
self.assertEqual(hasattr(foo, "getV"), True)
delattr(foo, "getV")
except AttributeError, e:
self.assertEqual(str(e), "Foo instance has no attribute 'getV'")
class Foo1(Foo):
foo1 = Foo1(1)
delattr(foo, "delete_me")"Bug #697: No AttributeError raised")
except AttributeError:
self.assertEqual(hasattr(foo, "delete_me"), True)
delattr(Foo1, "delete_me")"Bug #697: No AttributeError raised")
except AttributeError:
self.assertEqual(hasattr(Foo1, "delete_me"), True, "Bug #697: Foo1 should still have method 'delete_me'")
delattr(Foo, "delete_me")
self.assertEqual(hasattr(Foo, "delete_me"), False, "Foo shouldn't have method 'delete_me'")
self.assertEqual(hasattr(Foo1, "delete_me"), False, "Foo1 shouldn't have method 'delete_me'")
self.assertEqual(hasattr(foo, "delete_me"), False, "foo shouldn't have method 'delete_me'")
def testAttrErr(self):
foo = Foo(1)
v ="No Error raised on")
self.assertTrue(True, "Exception raised")
def testInstanceAttr(self):
foo = Foo(1)
foo_fn = foo.getV
t = foo_fn()
t = None
self.assertEqual(t, 1)
foo.getV = 2
t = foo_fn()
t = None
self.assertEqual(t, 1)
t = foo.a
foo.a = 2
self.assertEqual(t, 1)
t = foo.b
self.assertEqual(t[2], 3)
def testAttributMapping(self):
f = Foo(1)
self.assertEqual(, 'Foo')
self.assertEqual(, 'Foo')
name, prototype, apply, constructor ='bAr')
self.assertEqual(name, 'BAR')
self.assertEqual(prototype, 'Foo')
self.assertEqual(apply, 'foo')
self.assertEqual(constructor, 'Foo')
self.assertEqual(Foo.label, 'label')
self.assertEqual(f.label, 'label')
self.assertEqual(, 'do')
self.assertEqual(getattr(f, 'do')(), 'do')
setattr(Foo, 'typeof', 1)
self.assertEqual(getattr(f, 'typeof'), 1)
self.assertEqual(f.typeof, 1)
except AttributeError, e:"Bug #402 setattr error for keywords")
self.assertTrue(hasattr(Foo, 'typeof'))
delattr(Foo, 'typeof')
self.assertFalse(hasattr(Foo, 'typeof'))
setattr(Foo, 'typeof', 2)
self.assertTrue(hasattr(Foo, 'typeof'))
del Foo.typeof
self.assertFalse(hasattr(Foo, 'typeof'))
o = object()
self.assertFalse(hasattr(o, 'name'), "hasattr(o, 'name') should be False")
self.assertFalse(getattr(o, 'name', False))
def testTypeAttributes(self):
x = [].append
x = {}.get
if sys.version_info >= (2, 6):
x = (1,2,3).count
x = (lambda x:z).__name__
x = [1,2,3,4][1:2].append
except Exception, e:"Base type attribute, #594, '%s'" % e)
x = "asdfgd".rjust
except Exception, e:"String attribute, #595, '%s'" % e)
def testExpressionAttributeCall(self):
s1 = " 1234"
s2 = "5678 "
def s3():
return " 6 "
l = [" 1 ", " 2", "3 "]
self.assertEqual((s1 + s2).strip(), "12345678")
self.assertEqual((s1 + "").strip(), "1234")
self.assertEqual(l[0].strip(), "1")
self.assertEqual((''.join(l)).strip(), "1 23")
self.assertEqual((s3() + s2).strip(), "6 5678")
self.assertEqual(s3().strip(), "6")
self.assertEqual(" 6 ".strip(), "6")
self.assertEqual([1,2,3].pop(), 3)
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