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Download the current pyLoad Version 0.4.9 for your system.



The windows build has no dependencies and is portable. Just extract and start.

Image-UbuntuUbuntu  Image-DebianDebian

Download pyload-v0.4.9-all.deb

Just install via Packagemanager or with command-line: dpkg -i pyload-v0.4.9-all.deb


Download pyload-cli-v0.4.9-all.deb

This package comes without GUI and is suited for headless server. Install via Packagemanager via command-line: dpkg -i pyload-cli-v0.4.9-all.deb


There is a pyLoad package located at the AUR. We suggest installing using yaourt.

yaourt -S pyload


Download pyload-v0.4.9-noarch.ipk

If you own a router or NAS with IPKG installed you can use this package. pyLoad will be installed under /opt, please make sure that this is your IPKG installation folder.

ipkg install wget tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-lang-eng ossp-js unrar
ipkg install pyload-v0.4.9-noarch.ipk
pyLoadCore -s

Image-AndroidAndroid Client

[to market](

You can get the Android client from the market/F-Droid.

Image-iOSiOS Client

to iTunes store

You can get the pyLoad Control App from the iTunes store.

Image-SourceSource Code - Platform Independent


The source code runs on every system with python and all dependencies installed, you can use it when there is no package for your OS. Before installing you should read some of the tutorials here.


The Sourcecode and the issue tracker of pyLoad are located on Github.

You can copy the git repository with: $ git clone

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