Adds menus to pages, so you can create various custom menus to use on your frontend

Updated Dec 9, 2013


forked from refinery/refinerycms

An extendable Ruby on Rails 'CMS framework' that supports Rails 3.2

Updated Nov 17, 2013

Ruby 0 0


This adds a width and margin classes for all page parts, to use with fx. bootstrap grid system.

Updated Feb 12, 2013


forked from refinery/refinerycms-page-images

Adds an images tab to your pages so you can format a group of images really nicely on the frontend

Updated Jan 16, 2013

JavaScript 4 1


A awesome simple engine for available/occupied booking calendar on frontend and backend

Updated Jan 9, 2013

Ruby 2 0


Hjemmeside til børnehaven, Børnehuset Grønnebakken

Updated Oct 28, 2012

Ruby 2 1


Billys Billing API integration with Rails

Updated Oct 27, 2012

JavaScript 1 0


Updated Oct 26, 2012


forked from activemerchant/active_merchant

Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is written by Tobias Luetke, Cody Fauser, and contributors. The aim of the project is to feel natural to Ruby users and to abstract as many parts as possible away from the user to offer a consistent interface across all supported gateways.

Updated Apr 24, 2012


Wordpress theme til

Updated Feb 1, 2012


Pylonweb gem, fixing must common issues with refinerycms, capistrano, deployment, and other website design, production and hosting issues

Updated Jan 13, 2012

Ruby 1 0


Marianne Levinsen Projects gem

Updated Dec 31, 2011