An extendable Ruby on Rails CMS that supports Rails 5.2+
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brigriffin and parndt Add Matomo open web analytics (#3405)
This adds the possibility for a site to use the Matomo open web analytics (a.k.a. Piwik) for their web analytics instead of, or along with, Google Analytics. It can be enabled in the core config by setting the two required parameters `config.matomo_analytics_server` and `config.matomo_analytics_site_id`. 

It works analogue to the code for enabling Google Analytics and as such is pretty straightforward.
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Refinery CMS™

An open source content management system for Rails 5.1+

More information at

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You can chat with us using Gitter:

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  • Bundler
  • ImageMagick
    • ⚠️ Warning: ImageMagick currently has a serious security vulnerability, CVE-2016–3714. After installing, you must disable certain features in ImageMagick's policy configuration. Please see the following for details:
    • Mac OS X users should use homebrew's brew install imagemagick or the magick-installer.

How to

Getting Started

If you're new to Refinery, start with this guide:

For Rails 5.1+ support, you can use version 4.0.x using this template:

rails new app_name -m

For Rails 4.2.x support, you can use version 3.0.x using this template:

rails new app_name -m

You can also install the edge version for the latest code using this template:

rails new app_name -m

What's it good at?

Refinery is great for sites where the client needs to be able to update their website themselves without being bombarded with anything too complicated.

Unlike other content managers, Refinery is truly aimed at the end user making it easy for them to pick up and make changes themselves.

For developers

  • Easily customise the look to suit the business.
  • Extend with custom extensions to do anything Refinery doesn't do out of the box.
  • Sticks to "the Rails way" as much as possible; we don't force you to learn new templating languages.
  • Uses jQuery for fast and concise Javascript.


Wanna see Refinery for yourself? Try the demo.

Help and Documentation



  • Easily edit and manage pages with a visual editor.
  • Manage your site's structure.

Images & Files

  • Easily upload and insert images.
  • Upload and link to resources such as PDF documents.
  • Uses the popular Dragonfly.
  • Supports storage on Amazon S3.

Authentication & Users

  • Manage who can access Refinery.
  • Control which extensions each user has access to.
  • Uses the popular Devise.

Custom Extensions

Extend Refinery easily by running the Refinery extension generator. For help run the command without any options:

rails generate refinery:engine

Popular Extensions

  • Blog - A simple blogging extension that supports posts, categories and comments with optional moderation support.
  • Portfolio - manage groups of images like an image gallery.
  • News - post and manage news items.
  • Inquiries - simple contact form that notifies you and customer when an inquiry is made.

Full extension list here

Example Site Showcase

List here (add your link when you're done)


See and Contributing to Refinery guide for details about contributing and running test.


Refinery CMS™ is released under the MIT license. See the file for details.


Many of the icons used in Refinery CMS™ are from the wonderful Silk library by Mark James.