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image PyNE: The Nuclear Engineering Toolkit

The PyNE project aims to provide a common set of tools for nuclear science and engineering needs.

If you are interested in the package itself, or would like to help and contribute, please let us know either on the mailing list (!forum/pyne-dev, or github.

Examples, documentation, and more can be found at, the official PyNE project site.



PyNE has the following dependencies:
  1. Fortran compiler
  2. C++ compiler
  3. CMake (>= 2.8.5)
  4. NumPy (>= 1.8.0)
  5. SciPy
  6. Cython (>= 0.29.21)
  7. HDF5
  8. PyTables
  9. Python (>= 3.5.2)
  10. LAPACK
  11. BLAS
  12. Jinja2
Optional Depenendencies:
  1. MOAB
  2. DAGMC
  3. OpenMC
To run tutorial and examples:
  1. jupyter
Additionally, building the documentation requires the following:
  1. Sphinx
  2. sphinxcontrib-bibtex
  3. PrettyTable
  4. numpydoc
  5. jupyter

Most of the dependencies are readily available through package managers (such as MacPorts, Anaconda, etc.). Visit our installation page for instructions on getting PyNE up and running on your device.


We highly encourage contributions to PyNE! If you would like to contribute, it is as easy as forking the repository on GitHub, making your changes, and issuing a pull request. If you have any questions or need assistance during this process, don't hesitate to reach out to the PyNE mailing list (!forum/pyne-dev,