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@flit flit released this Jul 17, 2018 · 1488 commits to master since this release

Major new features:

  • Python 3 support!
  • Zephyr RTOS support.
  • Basic multicore debug. pyocd-gdbserver will now start up a GDB server for every core in the target, using sequential port numbers. See #325 for more.

New boards (targets):

  • CC3220SF_LaunchXL (cc3220sf)
  • FRDM-K32W042 (k32w042s)
  • FRDM-KW24D512 (kw24d5)
  • RedBearLab-BLE-Nano2 (nrf52)
  • Seeed 96Boards Nitrogen (nrf52)
  • u-blox EVK-NINA-B1 (nrf52)

Other changes:

  • Added timeouts for Kinetis mass erase and device unlock.
  • New internal event notification API. Objects can subscribe to notifications on the target objects and be informed of target state changes (reset, run, step, etc).
  • Introduced a workaround for stale RTOS data. This mostly eliminates occurrences of garbage thread lists when loading a new ELF, but device RAM still has valid RTOS structures from the previous version of the code.
  • Improvements to pyocd-tool.
    • set/show help will print appropriate list of available keys.
    • Support for help set <name> and help show <name>.
    • show fault, show step-into-interrupt, show vector-catch
    • pyocd-tool no longer waits for SVD loading before showing the first prompt.
    • new initdp and makeap commands.
    • A few small bug fixes related to print hex values or hex dumps.
  • Added example udev rule for Linux to readme, and a debug log message when lack of permissions seem to be preventing device access.
  • Flash programming progress improved for non-TTY output streams, such as Eclipse.
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