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.github Update the link in the pull request template Jul 23, 2018
docs Change the import names as renamed Aug 5, 2018
news Add a test of installing from a repo with a non-master default branch. Aug 20, 2018
src/pip Merge pull request #5708 from pradyunsg/fix/vendoring-first-line-imports Aug 17, 2018
tasks Fix vendoring import rewriting, when imports are on first line Aug 16, 2018
tests Add a test of installing from a repo with a non-master default branch. Aug 20, 2018
tools Merge pull request #5560 from pradyunsg/python-37-yaml-hack Jul 15, 2018
.coveragerc Add a coverage job for Python 3 to tox Nov 14, 2017
.gitattributes The CA Bundle should always use Unix line endings Mar 31, 2018
.gitignore Run functional tests for install in separate jobs (#5436) May 26, 2018
.mailmap Add myself in .mailmap Apr 3, 2018
.travis.yml Travis: Default to Python 3.6 and enable 3.7 support Jul 29, 2018
AUTHORS.txt Update AUTHORS.txt for 18.0 Jul 22, 2018
LICENSE.txt 📝 Update License Year Apr 17, 2018 Merge pull request #5520 from pradyunsg/misc/remove-old-get-pip Jun 20, 2018
NEWS.rst Slightly cleanup NEWS Jul 22, 2018
README.rst Update doc and comment URLs to https where available Jun 13, 2018
appveyor.yml Ignore travis related files in AppVeyor builds Jul 29, 2018
pyproject.toml Add a format to allow references to PRs to be links Aug 14, 2018
setup.cfg Simplify linter configuration to be consistent Jun 25, 2018 Merge branch 'master' into python-3.7 Jul 24, 2018
tox.ini Skip installation for tox jobs that don't need the in-developement pip Aug 13, 2018