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watchman: the hero your filesystem needs

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A Clojure library providing a simple facade for Java's WatchService.


Pull the depenency with leiningen (add this in your project.clj)

[spootnik/watchman "0.3.5"]
  (fn [event] (println (pr-str event)))

(let [ch (clojure.core.async/chan)]
  (watch.man/watch-async! "/some/dir" ch))

Both watch! and watch-async! accept an optional map argument with the following keys:

  • event-types: a collection of any keywords from :create, :modify, :delete

Both watch! and watch-async! return the underlying WatchService, watch.man/close can be called on the service.

Each argument to the callback when using watch! or each payload on the channel when using watch-async! will be a map with the following keys:

  • type: :path, :exception or :closing
  • path: The path a :path event happens on
  • types: The types of event a :path event was triggered for
  • srv: The watch service
  • exception: The exception that was raised for :exception events.


Copyright © 2015 Pierre-Yves Ritschard, MIT License