Fomosto backend for psgrn and pscmp
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PSGRN and PSCMP (packaged as fomosto backend)

Build Status

Code to calculate synthetic stress/strain/tilt/gravitational fields on a layered viscoelastic halfspace.

PSGRN and PSCMP have been written by Rongjiang Wang.

Packaging has been done by Hannes Vasyura-Bathke.


  • Wang, R., F. Lorenzo-Martín and F. Roth (2003), Computation of deformation induced by earthquakes in a multi-layered elastic crust - FORTRAN programs EDGRN/EDCMP, Computer and Geosciences, 29(2), 195-207.
  • Wang, R., F. Lorenzo-Martin and F. Roth (2006), PSGRN/PSCMP - a new code for calculating co- and post-seismic deformation, geoid and gravity changes based on the viscoelastic-gravitational dislocation theory, Computers and Geosciences, 32, 527-541. DOI:10.1016/j.cageo.2005.08.006.
  • Wang, R. (2005), The dislocation theory: a consistent way for including the gravity effect in (visco)elastic plane-earth models, Geophysical Journal International, 161, 191-196.

Compile and install PSGRN and PSCMP

autoreconf -i   # only if 'configure' script is missing
sudo make install

To run PSCMP with more receivers/source points

  1. Choose larger values for NPSMAX and NRECMAX in src/pscmp/pscglob.h, e.g.:

  2. Recompile with -mcmodel=medium:

    ./configure FFLAGS=-mcmodel=medium
    make clean
    sudo make install