PySAL 1.6 Released (2013 07 31)

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On behalf of the PySAL development team, I'm happy to announce the official release of PySAL 1.6.

PySAL is a library of tools for spatial data analysis and geocomputation written in Python. PySAL 1.6, the seventh official release of PySAL brings the following key enhancements:

Spatial weights (weights)

  • Optimized contiguity builder
  • Explicit checks for disconnected observations (islands)
  • Lightweight sparse weights class
  • Handle coincident points in construction of distance based weights
  • Optimized construction of knn weights

Spatial regression (spreg)

  • Chow test on spatial autoregressive coefficient in error, lag and combination regime models
  • Kernel based weights specialized for HAC estimators
  • Group-wise heteroskedasticity correction for OLS models with regimes
  • Optimal GMM estimator to account for heteroskedasticity in TSLS models with regimes

Spatial inequality (inequality)

  • Spatial decomposition of the Gini coefficient

Computational geometry (cg)

  • Robust segment intersection tests

among the 246 commits and bug fixes since the last release, 6 months ago.

In addition, 1.6 marks the first release since PySAL moved from Google Code to GitHub

PySAL modules

* pysal.core — Core Data Structures and IO
* — Computational Geometry
* pysal.esda — Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
* pysal.inequality — Spatial Inequality Analysis
* pysal.spatial_dynamics — Spatial Dynamics
* pysal.spreg - Regression and Diagnostics
* pysal.region — Spatially Constrained Clustering
* pysal.weights — Spatial Weights
* pysal.FileIO — PySAL FileIO: Module for reading and writing various file types in a Pythonic way


Source distributions are available at

Binary installers are availble from the GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation

PySAL can also be installed with pip or easy_install.


The documentation site is here

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PySAL's home is here

The developer's site is here

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Please see the developer's list here

Help for users is here

Bug reports and feature requests

To search for or report bugs, as well as request enhancements, please see

License information

See the file "LICENSE.txt" for information on the history of this software, terms & conditions for usage, and a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.

Many thanks to all who contributed!

Serge, on behalf of the PySAL development team.