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SPAtial GrapHs: nETworks, Topology, & Inference
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SPAtial GrapHs: nETworks, Topology, & Inference

An example of snapping observation points to a network and plotting:


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This package is part of a refactoring of PySAL.

Spaghetti is an open-source python library for the analysis of network-based spatial data. Originating from the network module in PySAL (Python Spatial Analysis Library), it is under active development for the inclusion of newly proposed methods for building graph-theoretic networks and the analysis of network events.



(Recommended) Install the latest stable of spaghetti by running:

$ pip install spaghetti

Install the most current development version of spaghetti by running:

$ pip install git+


  • scipy
  • numpy
  • libpysal


PySAL-spaghetti is under active development and contributors are welcome.

If you have any suggestion, feature request, or bug report, please open a new issue on GitHub. To submit patches, please follow the PySAL development guidelines and open a pull request. Once your changes get merged, you’ll automatically be added to the Contributors List.


If you are having issues, please create an issue or talk to us in the gitter room.


The project is licensed under the BSD license.

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