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PyScaffold extension which replaces reStructuredText formatted files by Markdown format (with the help of MyST) except for Sphinx-related files.


Just install this package with either pip install pyscaffoldext-markdown or conda install -c conda-forge pyscaffoldext-markdown and note that putup -h shows a new option --markdown. Basically this extension will replace README.rst by a proper and activate the support of Markdown files in Sphinx.

Building and Releasing

By default, the tox configuration generated by PyScaffold is compatible with Markdown (as implemented in this extension). This means that (after installing tox with pip or pipx) you can run:

tox -e docs  # to build your documentation
tox -e build  # to build your package distribution
tox -e publish  # to test your project uploads correctly in
tox -e publish -- --repository pypi  # to release your package to PyPI
tox -av  # to list all the tasks available

Please remember that the command python release is no longer recommended, so if you don't like tox, please consider using Sphinx and twine directly:

python -m pip install -U pip setuptools wheel sphinx twine
python bdist_wheel  # to build your package distributions
make -C docs html  # to build your docs
twine upload dist/*  # to release your package to PyPI

Making Changes & Contributing

This project uses pre-commit, please make sure to install it before making any changes:

pip install pre-commit
cd pyscaffoldext-markdown
pre-commit install

It is a good idea to update the hooks to the latest version:

pre-commit autoupdate

Please also check PyScaffold's contribution guidelines.


This project has been set up using PyScaffold 4.0. For details and usage information on PyScaffold see