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Configure your PyScaffold-generated project to work with Travis CI.

PyScaffold is a development tool focused in creating distributable Python packages. This extension automatically configures the generated packages to use Travis CI, a very popular and mature continuous integration solution that allows devs to test their code and perform a series of automated tasks, bringing confidence to their workflow.

LOOKING FOR CONTRIBUTORS - If you use PyScaffold or Travis CI and would like to help us as a contributor (or even as one of the maintainers) for this extension, please send us an email or open an issue, we would love to have you on board.


This extension can be directly installed with pip:

pip install pyscaffoldext-travis

Or, if you prefer pipx:

pipx install pyscaffold  # if you haven't installed pyscaffold yet
pipx inject pyscaffold pyscaffoldext-travis

Note that, after the installation, putup -h will show a new option --travis. Use this option to indicate when you are want to create a package with automated tasks running on the Travis CI platgorm. For example:

putup --travis myapp

Please refer to Travis' docs to get started.

Making Changes & Contributing

This project uses pre-commit, please make sure to install it before making any changes:

pip install pre-commit
cd pyscaffoldext-travis
pre-commit install

It is a good idea to update the hooks to the latest version:

pre-commit autoupdate

Please also check PyScaffold's contribution guidelines.


This project has been set up using PyScaffold 4.0b1. For details and usage information on PyScaffold see