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PySlackers Community

Welcome to the PySlackers community!

Here, you'll find a collection of community-specific resources such as rules, codes of conduct, locations of team services, etc.

If you are a new PySlacker, 🌮 welcome! Be sure to read our introduction document, where you can learn all about taco bot and view guidelines on how to introduce yourself to everyone, how to ask questions, and general etiquette in a virtual team environment.

PySlackers are constantly looking for ways to improve their Python skills. If this is you, but aren't sure what your next step should be, consider:

  • taking a look at our community projects and helping resolve issues or adding features
  • reading suggestions about books, code challenges, and programming languages that complement Python

About the PySlackers Community

PySlackers is dedicated to building and enabling the global Python community by providing a safe and inclusive place to learn, share, and grow as a Pythonista.

Ours is a rapidly growing, global community of Python enthusiasts whose members possess a wide range of familiarity with the language - from those who are just beginning to learn it, to those who have been using it for far too long.

Currently, Over 15,000 people strong:

  • students, professors
  • hobbyists, developers
  • data scientists
  • hiring managers, recruiters, CEO's

... all PySlackers.

Our channels on Django, Flask, JavaScript, Web Development, DevOps, Linux, Mac, Windows, Help, Machine Learning, and many other topics provide an environment for collaboration, regardless of background.


Anyone with an interest in Python has an open invitation to this community. Whether because of a school project, a task that you wish to automate at work, or because you are a Python developer or IT recruiter looking to network, you are welcome to join.

If you have a GitHub account, remember to star this repository so you can have quick access to this documentation. If not, bookmark this page.


A collection of community specific resources, such as rules, codes of conduct, locations of team services




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