Using positional arg/dir outside of PWD does not load options from explicit plugin #1594

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blueyed commented Jun 7, 2016

py.test -p project.lock8.plugin /tmp project --custom-option fails with

py.test: error: unrecognized arguments: --custom-option

The option is defined through pytest_addoption and parser.addoption therein.

Using an additional directory outside of $PWD seems to cause this.

I have tried using --confcutdir=$PWD, but it still did not work.

pytest 2.9.3.dev0 (current master).

blueyed commented Jun 14, 2016

Regarding the testmon issue I've noticed that it also happens with py.test -c setup.cfg --my-custom-option http://localhost:9001/, but not when using an equal sign with the option: py.test -c setup.cfg --my-custom-option=http://localhost:9001/.

Please note that using the -c setup.cfg option here triggers the testmon issue, although py.test uses the same inifile when not specifying it.

rootdir: /path/to/project, inifile: setup.cfg
plugins: xdist-1.15.dev9+ngba35a3d, testmon-0.8.2, mock-1.1, asyncio-0.4.1, catchlog-1.2.2, random-0.2, incremental-0.4.2, notifier-0.2, cov-2.2.1, profiling-1.1.1, pylama-7.0.9, django-2.9.
1, instafail-0.3.0, bpdb-0.1.4

The custom option is added in project/app/, which is loaded via setup.cfg:

addopts = --reuse-db --tb=short --dc=Tester -ra -p --nomigrations
def pytest_addoption(parser):
    parser.addoption('--my-custom-option', action='store', default=None, help='')
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Fix determining rootdir from common_ancestor #1621

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Resolved in #1621

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