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Pipfile.lock reverting the pipenv lockfile Jan 4, 2019 Add badges to README Nov 18, 2018 Declaring the encoding to be utf-8 is not necessary in Python3 projec… Apr 27, 2018
azure-pipelines.yml Azure: Use correct script name Nov 17, 2018
docker-compose.yml updates docker-compose, changes default rdb port and handles a socket… Jul 8, 2018
gulpfile.js Fix security vulnerabilities (#148) Nov 18, 2018 RabbitMQ service discovery Jun 6, 2018
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package.json Update package.json Dec 2, 2018 Move from CSS to SCSS (#86) Jun 5, 2018
tox.ini Fix up linting issues Nov 17, 2018

Python Discord: Site

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This is all of the code that is responsible for maintaining our website, and all of its subdomains.

If you're looking to contribute or play around with the code, take a look at our Project Guide, hosted on the wiki you'll find in this very repository.