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Add --add/--remove/--update flags to 'dmypy recheck' #5745

merged 14 commits into from Oct 16, 2018


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gvanrossum commented Oct 6, 2018

Using dmypy recheck --add <files> --remove <files> --update <files> will take the previous list of files, apply adds/removes/updates, and then check the resulting list of sources, without calling stat() on any of the unchanged files. (Useful if the caller is using e.g. Watchman.) Each list of <files> may be empty in case there are no files in that category.

For backwards compatibility, if none of --add, --remove or --update is used, dmypy recheck will revert to its old behavior (i.e. re-check the exact same list of files, calling stat() on each file to determine whether it has changed). Note that even if the list of <files> is empty, the presence of the new flags triggers the new behavior.

There are also some cleanups in the diff. (And some loose ends that I will try to address next week.)

if not self.fine_grained_manager:
return {'error': "Command 'recheck' is only valid after a 'check' command"}
return self.check(self.previous_sources)
print(f"\nadd={add}, remove={remove}, update={update}")

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gvanrossum Oct 6, 2018


This print() still needs to be removed.

@gvanrossum gvanrossum changed the title Add support for dmypy recheck with given set add/remove/update Add --add/--remove/--update flags to 'dmypy recheck' Oct 6, 2018


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gvanrossum commented Oct 7, 2018

I don’t believe this is right though. It ignores typeshed.

return self._find_changed(add + update)

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ilevkivskyi Oct 11, 2018


I didn't do a careful review, but generally this looks good. I just have one question to clarify (and it is probably worth mentioning in the docstring): Is it OK to pass files to --remove that were never in the build?

My motivation is to avoid duplication of work in the daemon and in the runner script that filters sources (what we do internally). If only files that were previously in the build are allowed in --remove, then we will need to keep full list of the checked files also in the runner script (because there is no way to check whether already deleted file should be filtered or not, if the filtering is content based, like presence of type comments/annotations).

I would prefer therefore to allow passing arbitrary files to --remove and explicitly document this.

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ilevkivskyi Oct 11, 2018


To clarify, from the current implementation in this PR it looks like it should work, I just would like to make this explicit.

gvanrossum added some commits Oct 2, 2018

Changes to 'recheck' to truly support --add/remove/update.
However there's still a flaw: it makes a bunch of stat() calls that
'dmypy recheck' (without --update) doesn't make.  Example (after
updating a comment in mypy/
add=['mypy/'], remove=None, update=None
Good stat('mypy/')
LOG:  fine-grained increment: cmd_recheck: 0.000s
Good stat('mypy/')
Real read('mypy/')
LOG:  fine-grained increment: find_changed: 0.001s
LOG:  fine-grained: ==== update 'mypy.fswatcher' ====
LOG:  fine-grained: --- update single 'mypy.fswatcher' ---
LOG:  Metadata not found for mypy.fswatcher
LOG:  Parsing mypy/ (mypy.fswatcher)
LOG:  fine-grained: triggered: ['<mypy.fswatcher.FileSystemWatcher._find_changed>', '<mypy.fswatcher.FileSystemWatcher.update_changed>', '<mypy.fswatcher.FileSystemWatcher[wildcard]>']
LOG:  fine-grained: process: mypy.dmypy_server.Server.update_changed
Good stat('.')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy/mypy/typeshed/stdlib/3.6')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy/mypy/typeshed/stdlib/3.5')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy/mypy/typeshed/third_party/3.5')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy/mypy/typeshed/stdlib/3')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy/mypy/typeshed/third_party/3')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy/mypy/typeshed/stdlib/2and3')
Good stat('/Users/guido/src/mypy/mypy/typeshed/third_party/2and3')
LOG:  fine-grained: triggered: []
LOG:  fine-grained: update once: mypy.fswatcher in 0.081s - 0 left
LOG:  fine-grained increment: update: 0.001s
Stats for FileSystemCache:
    {'mypy/__init__.pyi': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/Users/guido/src/mypy/test-data/packages/typedpkg/mypy-stubs': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/Users/guido/src/mypy/test-data/packages/typedpkg/mypy/py.typed': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/Users/guido/src/mypy/test-data/packages/typedpkg/mypy/fscache/py.typed': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/Users/guido/src/mypy/test-data/packages/typedpkg/mypy/fscache/File...kages/psutil-stubs': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/Library/Python/3.6/site-packages/psutil/py.typed': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/Users/guido/Library/Python/3.6/lib/python/site-packages/psutil-stubs': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/Users/guido/Library/Python/3.6/lib/python/site-packages/psutil/py.typed': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/usr/local/lib/mypy': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory')}
Revert "Optimization to avoid stat() calls from is_module()"
This reverts commit d068bf3.

I don't trust the fix (it doesn't take typeshed into account).  Also
it doesn't really belong in this diff -- the same problem appears with
the original `dmypy recheck` command.
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msullivan left a comment

This looks good to me

sources = self.previous_sources
if remove:
removals = set(remove)

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msullivan Oct 16, 2018


Stray print

@gvanrossum gvanrossum force-pushed the gvanrossum:dmypy-recheck-update branch from ed6f019 to 6bc8984 Oct 16, 2018

@gvanrossum gvanrossum merged commit 22b5ac0 into python:master Oct 16, 2018

2 checks passed

continuous-integration/appveyor/pr AppVeyor build succeeded
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed

@gvanrossum gvanrossum deleted the gvanrossum:dmypy-recheck-update branch Oct 16, 2018

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