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A pure pythonic reader/writer for BUFR, the meteorological "Binary Universal Format for data Representation"

(C) 2016-2018 Alexander Maul



TDCF table sets are provided as ZIP-archives in different formats, or go to:

If files operator.table and/or datacat.table are not present in your table directory, there are standard ones in this project's root. These files are not required for decoding, but optional for readable output.

Command-line program "trollbufr"

Command-line interface created by setup-py.

  • It reads BUFR (with abbreviated heading line, if present) from file(s) and writes human-readable to stdout.
  • Decoding to JSON-formated file.
  • Encoding JSON-formated values to BUFR.


Vers. 0.10.0 All code supports Python2 and Python3, without code-conversion (i.e. by 2to3).

With Python3 the installs the command-line script with a different name trollbufr3, to reflect its usage of Python3 and to have both versions callable.

Vers. 0.6.0 With version 0.6.0 a feature for encoding a JSON formatted file into binary BUFR is added.

The command-line options are changed:

  • print information and descriptor sections: -d became -m.
  • decode BUFR: -r became -d.

New is -j to write any output in a JSON format.


There are still things to do:

  • Implement the remaining obscure operators