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A community effort to make 3D visualization and analysis more approachable


PyVista: a community effort to make 3D visualization and analysis more approachable

Our goal is to make 3D visualization and analysis approachable to domain-scientists so they can focus on the research questions at hand.

PyVista is used across science and engineering disciplines. A diverse community use PyVista to visualize data/models in 3D, generate publication-quality illustrations, automate analysis workflows, and build custom applications leveraging PyVista's 3D capabilities.

Join our an open source community - our developers come from a wide breadth of backgrounds ranging from computational geophysics to aeronautical engineering. Our diverse team of developers is what makes PyVista successful and able to be used across disciplines.

New to programming? Welcome! Many of PyVista's users are novice programmers and we've designed PyVista to be intuitive and ready for beginners to get started making compelling visualizations of complex geometries.


  1. pyvista pyvista Public

    3D plotting and mesh analysis through a streamlined interface for the Visualization Toolkit (VTK)

    Python 2.3k 427

  2. pyvistaqt pyvistaqt Public

    Qt support for PyVista

    Python 93 16

  3. tetgen tetgen Public

    A Python interface to the C++ TetGen library to generate tetrahedral meshes of any 3D polyhedral domains

    C++ 194 33

  4. pymeshfix pymeshfix Public

    Python Wrapper for MeshFix: easily repair holes in surface meshes

    C++ 230 27

  5. pyacvd pyacvd Public

    Python implementation of surface mesh resampling algorithm ACVD

    Cython 146 16

  6. setup-headless-display-action setup-headless-display-action Public

    GitHub Action to setup a headless display on Linux and Windows (not needed on MacOS)

    PowerShell 13 3


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